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What are the advantages of high/medium efficiency high temperature resistant filters?

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High/medium efficiency high temperature resistant filter, assembled with glass fiber or ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper, aluminum foil partition, stainless steel frame, and special high temperature resistant sealant. The filter material is folded 180° on both sides to form a wedge-shaped pleated layer. When the filter material is bent, there are two indentations, which make it form a wedge-shaped box-shaped pleated layer at the end of the partition. The wedge-shaped box-shaped pleated layer can prevent the filter paper is damaged.


Process Characteristics of High/Medium Efficiency High Temperature Resistant Filter:

1.) The unique frame design of the 1.5-2.00mm stainless steel frame increases the overall strength.

2.) The arc corrugated groove peaks of the 0.03mm aluminum foil partition can not only protect the filter paper from damage, but also reduce the resistance of the wind speed to pass uniformly.

3.) The glass fiber filter paper spacing is 4mm to increase the filter area, the dust holding capacity is small, the resistance is small, and the filtration efficiency is high.

4.) The one-component adhesive is used for a long time at a high temperature of 260 degrees, and the temperature-resistant sealing strip prevents leakage.

5.) Glass fiber filter material, high temperature resistant special rubber gasket.

6.) High temperature resistant filter is used for instantaneous temperature up to 300 degrees, constant temperature up to about 260 degrees, stable and reliable performance.


Product Features of High/Medium Efficiency High Temperature Resistant Filter:

1.) Select internationally renowned brand filter materials, and the filtration efficiency can reach F9-H14.

2.) Ensure that the stable efficiency level can reach 99.99%@0.3um under the rated air volume.

3.) It can be used in a high temperature environment of 300℃.

4.) Provide a variety of frame materials and thickness requirements.


High/Medium Efficiency High Temperature Resistant Filter Applicable Places:

1.) High cleanliness occasions such as electronics, semiconductors, chips, biopharmaceuticals, hospitals, food processing, etc.

2.) Terminal of air-conditioning ventilation system (end filtering and hot-air high-temperature oven, oven.

3.) Hospitals, biopharmaceuticals, laboratories, circuit boards, microelectronics, optics, LED optoelectronics, QS food processing or clean working environments with high requirements at the end of purification equipment.