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Do you know all these points of the sub-high efficiency non-baffle filter?

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What is a non-partition sub-high efficiency filter? Maybe many people don’t know it. The non-partition sub-high efficiency filter mainly includes H10 non-partition sub-high efficiency filter, H11 sub-high efficiency air filter and H12 sub-high efficiency filter. So how much do you know about sub-high efficiency filters without partitions?


The partition less sub-high efficiency filter is mainly composed of waterproof and flame-retardant glass fiber filter paper or PP high-efficiency filter material. The filter material is fixed on the light acid sand aluminum extruded frame with a kind of amino vinegar glue, on the air inlet side. Both the air outlet surface and the air outlet surface can be equipped with sprayed surface protection nets to protect the filter paper from being damaged.


1.) Product Features of Sub-High Efficiency Filter without Clapboard:

 1.) Patented manufacturing technology ensures the effective use of V-shaped channels and uniform air flow;

2.) Aluminum profile frame, surface anodized, air inlet and outlet surface with plastic-sprayed metal protection net;

3.) Unique seamless sealing technology, good elasticity, no deformation, and no leakage.


2.) The Sub-High Efficiency Filter without Partition is Suitable for:

1.) Various local purification equipment and air purification terminals in clean workshops;

2.) It is suitable for IC, ultra-LS manufacturing plants, semiconductor manufacturing plants, clean rooms, laminar flow equipment, workbenches, production equipment and other fields requiring ultra-high cleanliness.


3.) Filter Material and Performance of Sub-High Efficiency Filter Without Partition:

1.) Frame material: aluminum alloy profile, stainless steel frame, galvanized frame, galvanized paint protection net.

2.) Filter material: ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper, chemical fiber separator: hot melt adhesive.

3.) Sealant: polyurethane rubber.

4.) Efficiency: H10-H12.

5.) High operating temperature 80″C.

6.) Installation and sealing form: sealing strip, seamless foam sealing tape.


I believe that through the above detailed introduction, you have some understanding of the relevant knowledge of the sub-high efficiency filter without partition, then I hope that what I have introduced can be helpful to you, if you want to know more about the relevant knowledge of the filter, you can go to our official website to learn more.