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What is surprising about the honeycomb panel activated carbon filter?

2021-12-08 Page view : 136 views

The honeycomb plate activated carbon filter product is a product used in the air conditioning unit system (AHU) of the HVAC system. It has a wide range of applications and can be used as a control method for gaseous molecular pollutants and gaseous corrosion control, and can remove particulate matter at the same time.


Product Features:

1.) Save installation space

2.) Reduce the operating cost of the HVAC system

3.) Simple loading and unloading steps

4.) Improve indoor air quality

5.) Less dust

6.) The filter material has a two-in-one structure for removing peculiar smell and removing particles.



1.) The installation space is tight, and the ventilation and air-conditioning system that needs to remove odor and pollutants is required

2.) Commercial and civil buildings such as airports, hotels, and large shopping malls

3.) Air-conditioning systems for museums, libraries, art galleries, etc.

4.) Optimal choice for optimizing the filtering function of the existing air-conditioning system

5.) It is suitable for the renovation project where the installation space is limited and the filter for removing gaseous pollutants needs to be added to meet the needs of removing peculiar smell, ozone and particulate matter at the same time.


The material of activated carbon filter is a kind of microcrystalline carbon material made of carbonaceous material with black appearance, developed pore structure, large surface area, and strong adsorption capacity. It is more used in various industries.


In modern society, with the advancement of science and technology and the development of industrialization, the air we breathe is also affected and becomes “dirty”. Outdoor air is polluted, and indoor air is also “dirty” due to decoration and other reasons. More people realize that our air needs to be purified. At this time, our air filter played a key role.


Pollutants in the air mainly include particulate matter and gaseous pollutants (including peculiar smells). We need to choose different methods to eliminate them. At this time, the activated carbon filter plays its essential role. One type of activated carbon filter is the honeycomb activated carbon filter. Its filter screen adopts through-hole structure aluminum honeycomb, plastic honeycomb, paper honeycomb as the carrier. Compared with the traditional activated carbon filter, it has excellent aerodynamic performance, small volume density, large specific surface area, high adsorption efficiency, and low wind resistance coefficient. The honeycomb activated carbon filter is made of polyurethane foam loaded with powdered activated carbon, and its carbon content is about 35%-50%. It has the high-efficiency adsorption performance of activated carbon and can be used for air purification, volatile compounds formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide, chlorobenzene and pollutants in the air.