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Folding activated carbon filter | folding the characteristics of the activated carbon filters have?

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Folding active carbon filter is also known as folding active carbon filter, folding active carbon filter is mainly made of activated carbon cotton as filter material, wedge folded shape to increase the filtration area, wire mesh clamping or built-in metal dragon skeleton support, with metal frame and made. The foldable activated carbon filter has a great adsorption capacity, which can effectively remove a large amount of odor and harmful gases in the air.

Product characteristics of foldable activated carbon filter

1) folding activated carbon filter is dipping the superior adsorption capacity of activated carbon in has carbamic acid ester foam, and the bonding of flake adsorption, with the use of porous carbamic acid ester, so has the stability, permeability and form due to the removal of an adsorbed substance powder activated carbon and touch each other, so the contact area wide, adsorption speed, And has the same good dust collecting effect as the common carbamate.

2) Adsorption: can effectively adsorb SO2, NO, O3, HC, benzene iodine 3) Deodorization: can effectively drive out ethylthiol, trimethicrin

4) Heat resistance: the use temperature range of folding active carbon filter is -20C-130C

5) Use: mainly used for household air conditioning, central air conditioning, air cleaning machine, air conditioning fan, parking lot, oxygen bar, special purpose air duct filtration, etc. 6) Structure: foldingr Activated Carbon Panel air Filter compact and light, easy to install, aluminum alloy or paper frame for the outer frame processing

Performance characteristics of foldable activated carbon filter

1) The use of granular activated carbon after chemical treatment, remove odor and harmful gases in the air

2) large adsorption capacity, high removal efficiency, reliable performance 3) easy installation and maintenance

4) The frame material can be galvanized steel plate or stainless steel plate

5) Contains 100% surface adsorption capacity, per cubic? Active carbon can supply about 200 million square meters? The area, so that the filter material has a great adsorption capacity, effectively remove a large number of odor and harmful gas in the air.

Application of foldable activated carbon filter

1) It is suitable for industrial ventilation system to remove odor (foul odor) and harmful gases in the air

2) According to the actual needs to provide a variety of special activated carbon materials, such as volatile organic compounds, acid, alkaline gas, formaldehyde, mercury vapor, radioactive gas

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