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Polyester filter bag, what kind of application in steel mills?

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The steel slag bag type dust collector includes an air inlet, an air duct, an air duct inclined separator, a filter bag and a dust hopper. Its characteristics are as follows: The filter is also provided with a guide plate and an inverted “V” shaped plate, the guide plate is arranged in the middle and lower part of the air duct, the inverted “V” shaped plate is arranged under the air duct, the lower end of the guide plate and the inverted “V” shaped plate and the ash bucket connection, the upper end of the guide plate and the dust collector bag chamber connection. The side of the air duct oblique baffle in direct contact with the flue gas is coated with a quartz emery layer. Compared with the prior art, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure and long service life.

A group of relative side walls of the steel slag bag type dust collector box is respectively provided with an air inlet and an air outlet, the air outlet is communicated with the air outlet of the blower, and a filter bag is vertically arranged inside the box; Box for the same row of multiple series, the adjacent box connecting wall is arranged in the middle of the air hole; The pore size of the filter bag is different in each box, and the pore size decreases successively from the inlet side to the outlet side. The particles in the steel slag dust can be separated step by step quickly, and the separation efficiency is high.

Dust removal effect of steel slag bag filter:

The dust removal effect of steel slag bag filter is related to many factors, but mainly depends on the filter material. The filter material of cloth bag filter is synthetic fiber, fiber or glass fiber woven cloth or felt. Sew the cloth or felt into a cylinder or flat filter bag as needed. According to the nature of the flue gas, select the filter material suitable for the application conditions.

Advantages of steel slag bag filter:

Usually, in the flue gas temperature is lower than 120℃, the filter media is required to have acid resistance and durability, often choose polyester flanges and polyester needled felt; In the treatment of high temperature flue gas (<250℃), the main choice of graphitized glass fiber cloth, is glass fiber filter bag; In some special cases, the selection of carbon fiber filter material. In the need of coal iron working conditions also need explosion-proof treatment, the dust bag should choose silk filter material.