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Why should coater use high temperature filter?

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In the production of lithium batteries, coating includes uncoiling → connecting → drawing → tension control → coating → drying → correction → tension control → correction → winding and other processes. Negative electrode coating has important significance for the capacity, consistency and safety of lithium batteries, according to incomplete statistics: Battery failure caused by electrode coating process accounts for more than 10%. Therefore, as the air control link during drying, high temperature resistant filter bears heavy responsibility in coating drying, which is mainly manifested in:

First of all, coating drying on the temperature control requirements is strict, coating drying temperature is too low, it can not ensure the complete drying of the pole, if the temperature is too high, the organic solvent inside the pole film evaporation too fast, resulting in the surface coating cracking, falling off and other phenomena. And the high temperature filter at high temperature can work as required is very important, especially in the accidental more than the normal working temperature, can withstand the test, once the damage, leakage, will have a serious impact on the subsequent coating quality.

Secondly, the electrode coating is of great significance to the safety of the battery. If particles, sundries, dust, metal chips and other sundries are mixed in the coating process, it will cause the micro short circuit inside the battery, and seriously lead to the battery fire and explosion, so the manufacture of the high temperature filter itself has strict requirements.

High temperature resistance need to reach how many degrees

According to different process requirements, the working temperature of the drug and its power lithium anode coating is about 200~350 degrees, and the instant temperature may be as high as 400 degrees.

Shanghai SFFILTECH high temperature resistant air filter manufacturer is one of the important products in SFFILTECH power lithium battery production air purification solutions, providing 150~400℃ high temperature resistant filter, including E10~H14 medium effect high temperature resistant filter, high efficiency high temperature resistant filter, filter element using low resistance type high temperature resistant glass fiber filter paper, The outer frame is made of 304 stainless steel, the style of which can be selected as traditional flat, folded and intercalated, and other styles of high strength box. All the main and accessories of the filter do not contain zinc, iron and copper. In the industry of continuous deep cooperation application cases for more than 5 years, stable performance, good filtering effect