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What is the choice and replacement method of liquid filter bag?

2023-04-28 Page view : 50 views

Liquid filter bag by special singling treatment, not only useful to prevent fiber pollution filtrate, but also avoid the traditional roller treatment caused by filter hole blocking and shorten the life of the PP filter bag. All raw materials are white, without any special bleaching treatment, completely in line with environmental standards. In addition, as the three-dimensional filtration layer of the felt is needled, when the liquid flows through the filter bag, the particles will stay on the inner surface and deep layer of the liquid filter bag due to the deep filtration mechanism, which has a higher trapping power for solid or colloidal particles. (Shanghai pe pp liquid filter bag manufacturer)

Selection of liquid filter bag:

1. Acid, alkali or other chemical properties of materials;

2. Particle size or filtration accuracy of the filtered material;

3. Filtration temperature or working environment of materials;

4. Material design direct filtration is still direct filtration, such as: bag filtration.

Replacement method of liquid filter bag:

1. A pressure gauge is installed on the inlet and outlet pipe of the bag filter, and the time to replace the filter bag is determined by the pressure difference of the pressure gauge before and after. Generally, the pressure difference that the filter bag can bear is about 0.5~1kg/cm2. (Shanghai pe pp liquid filter bag manufacturer)

2. Make a rough rule of thumb about when to replace. Because the filter bag is a consumable and the filter liquid and its working conditions vary, so the habit of regularly replacing the filter bag is also a good guarantee for their own product filtration. If you need to clean the filter bag, it is advocated to use clean water to wash, rather than use external force and rub, which will cause instability of filtration accuracy, and the filtration effect is not good when used again