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What should we know about glass fiber filter wool?

2022-06-30 Page view : 110 views

Glass fiber filter wool is also called ground wool, lacquer felt, glass fiber wool, lacquer filter wool – mainly made of various thicknesses, lengths of glass fibers by a special processing technology – glass fiber filter wool is green on the windward side, white on the windward side.


Glass fiber incremental structure, strong elasticity, anti-breakage;

The low compression performance can keep its shape unchanged, so that the filter fiber can completely absorb oil mist and dust.


Glass fiber filter wool is mostly used in surface spraying, high quality paint mist filtration, high capture rate of the spraying industry and other places and environments with high requirements for air filtration.


Product characteristics:

Structure: Sheet or roll

Average separation efficiency of glass fiber filter wool: 95%

Characteristics: Low resistance, good adsorption of paint mist, easy to distinguish between positive and negative sides, flexible.


Use: The trapping of lacquer mist in the spraying room and spraying equipment system or the adsorption of oil fumes in the kitchen and chemical system, finally making the discharge gas meet the requirements of environmental protection. Paint spraying room put filter or kitchen fumes filter, etc.


Commonly used places: automotive, furniture, machinery, hardware tools, electronic spray-painting room or spray-painting workshop glass fiber filter cotton precautions:


1.) The installation process of lacquer felt, try to wear gloves to contact, so as not to tie the glass fiber into the hands.

2.) Paint fog felt is fragile, please do not pull hard.

Finally, you should choose a professional glass fiber floor filter cotton manufacturers, the quality can be guaranteed.