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What are the characteristics of high efficiency filter?

2022-06-25 Page view : 92 views

High-efficiency filter is mainly used to make up the dust particles above 0.5um and various suspended matters, mainly as the end filtration of various filtration systems. HEPA filters are generally made of ultra-fine glass fiber paper as filter media, and made of galvanized sheet, stainless steel sheet and aluminum alloy profile as outer frame. High efficiency filter has many advantages such as high filtration efficiency and low resistance. We are a high efficiency filter manufacturer, supplier, company, wholesaler.

High efficiency filter is widely used in aquaculture circulating water treatment; cooling circulating water, industrial circulating water treatment; river, lake, home water features and other eutrophic water treatment; water reuse; precision electronic instrument factory and other fields. The reason why the high efficiency filter is so popular is inseparable from its own many advantages:

1.) High filtration accuracy: the removal rate of suspended matter in water can reach more than 95%, and the removal of large organic matter, viruses, bacteria, colloids, iron and other impurities has – a certain role;

2.) Fast filtration speed: generally 40m/h, up to 60m/h, more than 3 times of the ordinary sand filter;

3.) Large dirt-holding capacity: high-efficiency filter is more than 4 times of the ordinary sand filter;

4.) Low backwashing water consumption rate: backwashing water consumption is less than 1-2% of the cycle filtration water;

5.) Low dosing, low operating costs: the cycle of water production increases, the ton of water operating costs are also reduced;

6.) Small footprint: the same amount of water is produced; the footprint is less than 1/3 of the ordinary sand filter;

7.) Strong adjustability: filtering precision, dirt cutting capacity, filtering resistance and other parameters can be adjusted as needed;

8.) Durable filter media, life expectancy of 20 years or more.