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What materials are the air filters made of?

2022-04-08 Page view : 237 views

Air filter cotton is mainly used to filter dust particles in the air. The difference between the raw materials of air filter cotton is divided into: synthetic fiber filter cotton, polyester fiber filter cotton, activated carbon filter cotton, synthetic fiber high temperature filter cotton, glass fiber filter cotton, etc. We are washable pre air filter cotton material manufacturer. According to the national standard (GB/T14295), the air filter cotton can be divided into: initial (coarse) effect, medium effect, according to the European standard: G1, G2, G3, G4, F5, F6, F7, F8.


When we are in production, the machine keeps rolling, so these particles will fall on the rolling parts, which will speed up the wear of the rolling parts, and also reduce the accuracy and life of the machine. If the dust is full of dust in the workshop, it will not only reduce the visibility, affect the vision, hinder the operation, but also may reduce the labor productivity, and even cause an accident. If a lot of other dust is discharged into the atmosphere, it will also form air pollution, and if there is a lot of dust in the air, it will reduce the visibility of the atmosphere, which will promote the formation of smoke.


It can be seen that filter cotton and air filter cotton are an indispensable part of our filter equipment. In some special occasions, because of the different equipment and different requirements for the equipment, our filter cotton or It’s an air filter.


In the process of industrial production, dust particles in the air, especially dust, smoke, etc., make the working environment too bad, the labor production efficiency is low, and the operation is inconvenient. Therefore, air filter cotton is used, which can keep the room clean. Air circulation makes production run more smoothly.

So what are the materials of air filter cotton? They are roughly divided into four types. Let’s take a look at their characteristics.


The first is synthetic fiber filter cotton, which has the advantages of low resistance, large capacity, environmental protection and economy. The filter cotton of this kind of material has a good response from customers and is widely used.


The second is polyester fiber filter cotton, which is also widely used. Now the production technology is relatively mature and its performance is stable. It is made by multi-channel composite production process, which is economical and durable, and has a large dust holding capacity.

The third type is activated carbon filter cotton, which is made of high-quality activated carbon on the substrate. High-quality activated carbon can absorb and filter gas and has the effect of deodorizing.


The fourth type is glass fiber filter cotton, which is made of high-quality glass fiber. The density of the glass fiber structure increases gradually. This structure can effectively block dust particles in a deeper layer, thereby improving the dust holding capacity. In addition, it has the advantages of high temperature resistance and long service life.