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What are the precautions for the initial effect pleated filter G3 and G4?

2022-04-07 Page view : 149 views

Our own brand SFFILTECH has been recognized by customers in the past 10 years of development. The company’s main products are: initial efficiency plate filter. Medium-efficiency bag filter, with partition high-efficiency filter, non-partition high-efficiency filter, FFU fan unit, activated carbon filter, nylon mesh, non-woven fabric, etc.


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The primary filter is made of high-quality polyurethane synthetic fiber, non-woven fabric, activated carbon, chemical fiber (flame retardant), glass fiber (flame retardant), nylon mesh and metal protective mesh. Commonly used are non-woven fabrics and metal protective mesh products.


The Performance Advantages of the Primary Filter:

  • Square mesh or galvanized mesh as protection mesh
  • Filter level: G3, G4, F5
  • Large air volume, small resistance and high dust holding capacity;
  • Long service life and large air volume.
  • Price factory direct sales, economical and practical.
  • It can capture dust particles above 5um and various suspended solids by adsorption and filtration.


Precautions for Installing Primary Filter

1.) When installing, do not press the filter material by gravity to prevent deformation.

2.) Learn to distinguish the inlet side and outlet side of the primary-effect pleated filter, and the side with the metal protection net is generally the outlet side.

3.) The choice of the frame should also be ordered according to the use environment. For example, the paper frame is not suitable for the environment with low air humidity, and the product is easy to deform, so galvanized or aluminum frame can be used.



Type: High performance disposable pleated panel filter

Media: Mixture of cotton and synthetic fiber

Frame: Rigid water-resistant cardboard

Recommended final pressure drop: 250Pa

Temperature: 100ºC maximum in continuous service

Application: As a pre filter in air-condition system



  • 15 pleats/feet,50% filter efficiency higher than normal product.
  • Mixture of cotton and synthetic fiber, ensure the stability of efficiency and dust holding capacity.
  • Rigid Water-resistant cardboard frame, which is from USA with high quality level.
  • Fiber containing flame resistant component.
  • Fully supported media bonded onto a wire support grid, get high mechanical strength.
  • Unique tapered radial Pleat design, get the low pressure drop.