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What materials are HEPA filters usually made of?

2022-12-30 Page view : 61 views

With the gradual serious environmental pollution, many consumers’ environmental awareness continues to strengthen, the problem of air pollution has become a matter of great concern. In order to improve air quality, many consumers will choose to use filter equipment. But there are many types of filter equipment, one of the more popular among consumers is the HEPA high efficiency air filter.

In fact, HEPA filter is mainly composed of ultrafine polypropylene fiber filter paper or glass fiber filter paper, non-woven fabric, hot melt adhesive, sealant, outer frame material and so on. Glass fiber filter paper is produced by a variety of glass fiber of different thickness and length after special treatment. The main characteristics of this material are high temperature resistance, high efficiency, large dust capacity, good stability, long service time, etc.

But with the development of science and technology, the emergence of new chemical fiber filter materials to chemical fiber filter materials gradually did not replace. But there are many occasions with high cleaning requirements, the main application is glass fiber filter paper, that is, HEPA filter. (HEPA air filter manufacturer)

The main working principle of HEPA high efficiency air filter is that dust particles in the air carry out inertial motion or irregular Brownian motion along with the air flow. When moving under the action of some force, the particles will collide with other obstacles, and the gravitational force on the surface of the particles will make it stick to the obstacles. This is how air dust is adsorbed.

When the dust particles pass through the high efficiency air filter, the filter paper in the filter will form numerous barriers to the fibers, and the suspended matter and microorganisms will be adhered to the surface of the fiber filter material, and the clean air after filtration will pass smoothly.

This high efficiency air filter equipment has been widely used in many fields, such as: ventilation engineering, hospital operating room and asepsis room, food factory, pharmaceutical factory, central air conditioning, air freshener and so on. There are also some occasions with strict requirements on air cleanliness, this HEPA filter is indispensable.

HEPA filters can remove at least 97.00% airborne particulates of 0.3 micrometer (μm) diameter. Ordinary filter equipment for this diameter of air dust is very difficult to deal with.