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What are the air filter maintenance methods?

2022-12-30 Page view : 58 views

Environmental pollution in modern society is very serious, our living environment is gradually getting worse, a serious threat to our health, so many consumers will choose to buy filter equipment. There are a lot of consumers in the process of using the air filter maintenance method is not very understanding, so in the process of use has produced a lot of trouble, let Xiaobian simple for you to introduce what are the air filter maintenance methods.

1. First of all, carefully check whether the connection points of the filter element and other parts of the equipment are firm and good in use. If abnormal phenomena are found, professional maintenance personnel should be notified in time for inspection and repair;

2. Careful inspection of important parts such as bearings and piston rods in the equipment to ensure the cleanliness, lubrication performance and flexibility of each part;

3, for the entire equipment to carry out insulation, reliability test, if found by the components caused by the deviation of the operation accuracy or inflexible phenomenon, but also to inform the professional personnel to overhaul;

4. Regularly check the sealing surface of the filter plate and diaphragm plate in the equipment to ensure that its surface is smooth and clean. Before pressing, it is necessary to carefully check the press cloth to ensure that there is no folding, no damage, no slag inclusion, and ensure that the filtering effect can be guaranteed.

It is worth mentioning that there are many kinds of air filter maintenance methods, as long as we regularly use diesel or gasoline to clean the filter screen above all kinds of dust and magazines, it must be able to make the air filter (air filter manufacturer) work better.

So how should the air filter be cleaned?

Generally speaking, there are two main maintenance methods of air filter. The first method is that we can clean it by ourselves. We need to open the filter in the air filter and rinse the connecting pipe and throttle with clean water.

The filter of air filter is a very key component, its quality is directly related to the working efficiency and working life of the equipment, if the regular cleaning, you can ensure that the equipment works very smoothly, and the working power is very strong, therefore, we must always keep the air filter clean.