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What kind of material – air filter cotton is not deformed after washing?

2022-06-17 Page view : 92 views

Do you have a question when you customize the air filter cotton, can it be washed without deformation? The answer is: whether the air filter cotton can be washed needs to be analyzed from the material. In the case of different materials, the degree of cleanability is also different; many people hope that the air filter cotton can be washed with water, because it can be recycled and reduce costs. So, today Shanghai Sanfan Washable Pre–Air Filter Cotton Material Manufacturer will share with you what kind of material air filter cotton can be washed without deformation.


The washable air filter cotton is made of environmentally friendly polyester fiber, which has the characteristics of fire prevention, strong resilience, shock resistance, and can be washed without deformation.


The process is introduced as follows:

1.) The acupuncture process is acupuncture, which closely links the fibers with the fibers, and has good toughness and elasticity. It was originally used in the clothing industry and as a geotextile, and was later widely used in air filtration. , it is very firm, washable, and can be washed multiple times.

2.) Hot air cotton: The hot air cotton is a fluffy structure, evenly spread layer by layer, soft to the touch, and has no glue on the surface. This kind of cotton is not washable. It must be replaced after a period of use, otherwise it will be blocked by dust and affect the filtration. effect and ventilation;

Washable air filter cotton needs to have a strong structure that can withstand washing, and the filtration efficiency should not be too high. Generally, there are two types of washable air filters: initial effect and medium effect, and not all air filters can be washed.


The washable air filter cotton in the filtration industry is: needle-punched cotton and bag material.


1.) Acupuncture cotton is a common filter material for making washable filters. The material is made by repeated acupuncture and with glue. Acupuncture cotton has a firm structure, high filtration efficiency and large dust holding capacity.

1.) Needle-punched cotton can be washed 7~9 times.

2.) The filter grade of needle-punched cotton is G3, G4, F5.


Washable bag material

2.) Washable bag material is a commonly used filter material for making bag filters. The material is made of organic synthetic fiber that is resistant to exercise and processed by high-performance hot-melt method. The bag material has an incremental structure, high filtration efficiency, large dust holding capacity, can be washed repeatedly.

1.) The washable bag material can be cleaned 3-5 times. Since the bag material is used for the secondary filtration of the ventilation system, and the users are not professional in cleaning, we do not recommend cleaning, especially the filter materials with medium efficiency and above cannot be cleaned.

2.) The filter grade of washable bag material is G3, G4, F5, F6.

There are two ways to clean the air filter cotton: water washing and wind blowing.