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What is the working principle of air filter?

2022-06-18 Page view : 92 views

The working principle of air filter is to use filter media as the main filtering means. When the air passes through the filter air filter, the filter paper will block the impurities in the air and stick them to the filter element, so as to achieve the effect of air filtration. Details about the air filter are as follows.


1.) Dry inertia type air filter, dry inertia type air filter consists of dust cover, guide piece, dust discharge port, dust collection cup, etc. Its working principle is to use the cylinder in the intake, the suction force, so that the air filter inside and outside the pressure difference, the external air under the action of pressure to a higher speed into the air filter, mixed in the air with a larger mass of dust thrown to the dust collection cup, to complete the air filtration.


2.) Wet inertia type air filter(air filter manufacturer), mainly composed of central tube, oil pool, etc. Its working principle is that the air enters the filter along the center tube at a very high speed downward, rushing to the oil pool oil surface after the direction of movement suddenly changed to upward, and produce rotational movement, at this time part of the larger mass of dust due to inertia is too late to reverse with the air upward and be stuck in the oil, to complete the filtration of air.


3.) Dry filter air filter, consisting of paper filter element and sealing gasket, etc. Its working principle is that when the air enters the filter, it is filtered through the paper filter element, so that the dust in the air is separated by the filter element or adhered to the filter element.


4.) Wet filter air filter, consisting of a metal screen dipped in oil, its working principle is that the air filtered by the oil bath through the metal screen dipped in oil when the fine dust particles are retained, adhering part of the dust particles drip with oil to the oil.