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What is the difference between seam filter bag and hot-melt filter bag?

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What is a sewn filter bag?

The sewn filter bag is a kind of filter bag made by connecting the bag body and ring mouth with the machine line of the sewing machine. It is made by using traditional production and processing technology. With the accumulation of dust on the filter material surface of the core filter, the efficiency and resistance of the dust collector will increase correspondingly. When the pressure difference on both sides of the filter material is large, some fine dust particles that have been attached to the filter material will be squeezed past, which will reduce the efficiency of the dust collector. In addition, the high resistance of the dust collector will significantly reduce the wind star of the dust removal system. Therefore, after the resistance of the dust collector reaches a certain value, it is necessary to clean the dust in time. The initial layer shall not be damaged during ash removal to avoid efficiency reduction. The dust removal efficiency of bag filter material is not high enough. After the filter material is used for a period of time, due to the effects of screening, collision, retention, diffusion, static electricity, etc., a layer of dust is accumulated on the surface of the filter bag. This layer of dust is called the primary layer. In the subsequent movement process, the primary layer becomes the main filter layer of the filter material. Depending on the role of the primary layer, the filter material with larger mesh can also obtain higher filtration efficiency. The filter bag is made of textile filter cloth or woven felt, and the filtering effect of fiber fabric is used to filter the dust containing gas. When the dust containing gas enters the bag dust collector, the dust with large particles and large specific gravity will settle down and fall into the ash hopper due to the effect of gravity. When the gas containing fine dust passes through the filter material, the dust will be blocked and the gas will be purified. The main materials for liquid filtration of the sewn filter bag are PP, PE and NMO, and the ring mouth is mainly plastic ring mouth and steel ring. The sewing machine thread used varies according to the material of the enterprise’s products. The filter bag sewing machine line is divided into PP line, PE line, PTFE line, etc. Different machine lines can adapt to different filtering working environment. The filter bag can be made by analyzing and processing the information required by customers.

What is a hot-melt filter bag?

The main material of the melt filter bag is the special liquid medium used. The filtrate is filtered and special singeing treatment is adopted to effectively prevent the contamination of the filtrate fiber, avoid the pore blockage caused by traditional roller treatment, and reduce the service life of the filter bag. All raw materials are white, without special dyeing process, and fully comply with the environmental protection standards. However, due to the 3D needle felt filter layer, the liquid flows through the needle felt, and the particles can be used as the filter mechanism of the deep filter bag. At the inner surface and depth of the liquid, it has a high collection efficiency of solid or colloidal particles. The thickness of the needle felt, the opening speed, the stability of the filter bag, the full power efficiency, and the use time are longer. In the method of connecting the side with the ring collar, the hot-melt welding method avoids the generation of the pinhole filter bag joint and is suitable for the site with high accuracy; The digital multi-spot welding equipment is used to weld the precision filter seamless bag to ensure that each point remains the strongest and consistent. In order to ensure that the filter bag will not be made of other materials and ensure the consistency of the filter bag materials.

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