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How to deal with the air permeability reduction of the filter cloth of the filter press?

2023-03-03 Page view : 39 views

The filter cloth and filter plate of the filter press are relatively important parts of the filter press, and whether the operation of the filter press is ideal depends on the function of the filter cloth and the condition that it is not blocked or damaged. It can realize solid-liquid separation. Filter cloth is divided into two categories according to fiber material. One is natural fiber such as cotton, wool, silk and hemp, and the other is chemical synthetic fiber such as polyester, nylon, polyacrylonitrile, vinylon, acrylic and polyester. According to the yarn forming the filter cloth, such as fiber, it can be divided into monofilament, multifilament and staple fiber. The filter cloth made of monofilament is not easy to block and has good cake unloading function.

For those who often operate the filter press, they will encounter many unexpected problems more or less. Once these problems cannot be solved in time, it is likely to affect the normal operation of the filter press. The obvious feature is that when the filter cloth of the filter press is filtered for a period of time, the permeability of the filter cloth will be greatly reduced.

The following three points can deal with the problem of immersion:

1、 It is necessary to clean it frequently to ensure the normal operation efficiency of the filter press. Although the filter press itself has the function of removing the filter cake every week, because the filter cloth of the filter press is in contact with the filtrate for a long time, the operating environment pressure is very high, so the solid will adhere to the filter cloth. Frequent cleaning will increase the frequency of replacing the filter cloth.

2、 Processing method. The filter cloth is woven by strict processing method, so that the filter cloth has a certain structure, and it is not easy to discharge when the filter cloth enters the solid particles. Once these particles become more and more, the filter aperture of the filter cloth will be blocked, and the filtering speed of the filter cloth will naturally slow down, ultimately reducing the operating efficiency of the equipment.

3、 To understand the nature of cleaning, it is also necessary to understand the relevant properties of the filtrate. When the filtrate is alkaline, it can be soaked in weakly alkaline water for about 1 day, then gently wipe it several times and dry it.