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What is Activated Carbon Panel Filter?

2022-05-27 Page view : 117 views

Activated Carbon Panel Filter role:

The activated carbon adsorption filter cylinder adopts the hydraulic simulation long-diameter design, and adopts the high-efficiency activated carbon with reasonable particle size and specific surface area greater than 1000㎡/g, so that it has functions such as upper-layer special filtration and lower-layer high-efficiency adsorption, which greatly improves production. Degree of water purification and lifespan of carbon.


The residual chlorine content of the water after treatment by the activated carbon adsorption filter: ≤0.1PPM.


It has outstanding performance on odor, organic matter, colloid, iron and residual chlorine in water.


It also has a good effect on reducing the turbidity and chromaticity of water bodies, purifying water quality, and reducing pollution to subsequent systems (reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, ion exchangers).


Filtering Process:

The filter material in the Activated Carbon Panel Filter adsorbed can be filled with quartz sand with a height of 0.15~0.4 meters. Activated carbon acts as a filter layer. The filling thickness is generally 1000-2000mm.


Before the Activated Carbon Panel Filter is loaded, the bottom filter quartz sand should be tested for the stability of the solution. After soaking for 24 hours, the Activated Carbon Panel Filter manufacturer pointed out that it meets the following requirements: the increase of the total solids does not exceed 20mg/L. The increase in oxygen consumption should not exceed 10 mg/L. After soaking in alkaline medium, the increase of silica does not exceed 10mg/L.


After the Activated Carbon Panel Filter quartz sand is rinsed, it should be carefully cleaned when loaded into the equipment. The water flow should be rinsed from top to bottom, and the dirty water should be discharged from the bottom until the effluent is clarified. While the upper flush, the dirty water is discharged from the upper part.


The main function of Activated Carbon Panel Filter is to remove macromolecular organic matter, iron oxide and residual chlorine. This is because organic matter, residual chlorine and iron oxides can easily poison the ion exchange resin, while residual chlorine and cationic surfactants will not only poison the resin, but also damage the membrane structure and make the reverse osmosis membrane ineffective.