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What are the secrets of medium-efficiency bag air filters?

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The medium-efficiency air filter is also called the medium-efficiency air filter, which is mainly used to capture 1-5um particulate dust and various suspended solids. The medium-efficiency bag filter is mainly divided into non-woven bag filter according to the material. filter and glass fiber bag filter, medium-efficiency bag filter has the advantages of small resistance, stable performance, large capacity, long life, strong tensile force, washing resistance, large effective filtration area, low price, strong versatility, etc., so it is widely used. Used in various air-conditioning equipment and air-conditioning systems, and also used for intermediate protection of multi-stage filtration systems.


Medium Efficiency Bag Filter Characteristics


Mid-efficiency filter bags are made of high-performance electrostatic filter media. First of all, this electrostatic filter material has better filtration efficiency than traditional filter materials, especially for sub-micron (>1u) dust that cannot be effectively filtered by traditional filter materials, and its filtration efficiency is particularly good; The fiber structure makes it have high air permeability and high dust load. When used together with other high-efficiency filters in the filtration system, it not only has a good protective effect on the high-cost high-efficiency filters, but also saves the replacement of high-efficiency filters. The number of filters is reduced, and the cost is reduced; third, its high air permeability can minimize the overall energy loss. Medium efficiency fiberglass washable pocket Bag Filter manufacturer, each filter bag edge of medium efficiency bag filter bag is fused by ultrasonic method, which has good air tightness and bonding strength, and will not cause air leakage when the wind pressure is high or rupture, which affects the filtration efficiency. The first filter bag has six non-woven fabric spacers which are uniformly distributed in the width of the bag by ultrasonic bonding. In addition to the function of equalizing the air, the main function of this spacer is to control the filter bag not to over-expand each other when it is subjected to the wind pressure. shading, and reduce the effective filtering area and efficiency.


The bag of the medium-efficiency bag filter is made of aluminum and galvanized material as its structural frame, so that the product has a stable and firm appearance. Each filter bag is fixed with a metal guard strip. This protective strip can prevent the filter bag from breaking due to the force of wind shear when the wind speed is high, so that the product has a high and stable filtration efficiency.


Medium-Efficiency Bag Filter Material Description


Efficiency: F7(EN779): EN799 Level: F5F6F7F8

Features: The filter material is made of extremely fine glass fiber (large dust holding capacity and strong air permeability) The outer frame is made of aluminum alloy or galvanized sheet, stainless steel, etc.

Inner Frame: galvanized sheet or wire inner frame + galvanized clip or aluminum clip


Medium-Efficiency Bag Filter Application Field

1.) Primary filtration in the central air-conditioning ventilation system:

2.) In industrial clean rooms such as pharmaceuticals, hospitals, electronic food, automobile spraying workshops, etc.;

3.) The front-end filtration of the high-efficiency filter reduces the load of the high-efficiency filter and prolongs the service life.