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Analysis on the Development of FFU Fan Filter Units

2022-04-20 Page view : 118 views

In the air purification industry, FFU equipment is a very important product. First of all, let us have a general understanding of this kind of equipment. FFU is the abbreviation of Fan Filter Units. It is a terminal air supply device with its own power and filtering function; the fan inhales air from the top and filters it through HEPA, and after filtering, the clean air is evenly sent out from the air outlet; it provides clean air and particle filtration control for a clean environment, the fan The filter unit can be used in modular connection. Meet the needs of different enterprises and scientific research units for different clean environments. So, what is the real development of FFU now? Here, Shanghai Sanfan Filter Unit Cleanroom manufacturer will introduce the current situation of this product as simply and clearly as possible. The development of FFU has a history of almost a hundred years, and it is only a few decades ago that it has been widely used. Today, FFU has been applied to fields such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, bioengineering, medical care, and laboratories, which have strict requirements on the cleanliness of the production environment. Therefore, different customers have different requirements for the design and use of clean projects, and their clean environment levels are also different.



There will be different levels of design requirements, such as 10-level, 100-level, 10,000-level and other air purification system projects. To achieve different levels of cleanliness, it is necessary to design FFUs with different layouts, which determines the installation quantity, quality, size and material of FFUs and other related parameters. At present, the standard size of FFU is 4*4, 4*3, 4*2, 2*2, which is tailor-made for most. Of course, there are also non-standard FFUs. These FFUs need to be customized by modifying their parameters (size, material, etc.) according to the needs of customers. There are many FFU manufacturers now, and there is an increasing trend, which also leads to the phenomenon of mixed prices of this product. In my personal opinion, the price determines the craftsmanship of its products, and a good price can still get a good product craftsmanship.


Today’s FFU manufacturers are increasingly irresponsible to produce products with low prices and low craftsmanship for customers, so as to achieve the purpose of lowering prices to attract customers. In fact, it’s like buying clothes. If you buy a set of clothes that cost a few hundred yuan and buy a set of clothes that cost 100 yuan, you will find that there is still a big gap between clothes that cost 100 yuan and clothes that cost a few hundred yuan. First of all, the quality is different, and then the style is not new and does not fit. Although it can be worn, it is not good enough to wear on the body. From this example, it can be seen that the same is true for FFU products. At present, the cost price of a good FFU product is at least about 1,000 yuan. This depends on the material and size requirements. Standard FFU-4*3 The cost price of the FFU is about one thousand yuan. However, there are still FFUs in the market that are lower than this cost price, which will raise a question mark for us, that is, such a low product, don’t you want to make money? Of course, this is impossible. Some do not want to earn a little. Let’s think about it carefully, the production of such low-priced products only reduces the cost price, so the craftsmanship is not so good, the quality is not so good, the price is also reduced, and it is difficult to meet the customer’s cleanliness requirements.


From the perspective of China’s air purification industry, there are more than 100 manufacturers of air purification equipment such as FFU, mainly in Guangdong and Jiangsu. There are very few FFU manufacturers that can really produce good craftsmanship. In order to produce FFU equipment that satisfies customers and can meet customer requirements, Bailun has been chasing perfection in craftsmanship and innovating all the time. It follows closely behind the leading enterprises in the same industry, and even surpasses the leading enterprises in individual craftsmanship. The FFU fan filter unit of SFFILTECH filter has the following characteristics:

1.) High efficiency, low noise turbo fan

Computer 3D modeling, simulation analysis, higher efficiency, lower noise, unique patented technology.

2.) Beautiful appearance and humanized design

The stainless-steel handle is installed, which is convenient for installation and handling. The corners are rounded and there is no indentation and bending.

3.) Considerate and convenient design

The body is designed with a mounting pedal, which makes the body installation and maintenance more convenient. Available in stainless steel

4.) High performance low noise fan

The multi-blade turbine energy-saving fan is adopted, with ultra-low noise, uniform wind pressure diffusion, uniform and stable network speed on the air outlet surface, low power consumption, low operating cost, and a working life of more than 80,000 hours.

5.) Multiple security protection

Touch control panel, no mechanical key switch, single key induction, safe and reliable, overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating protection.

6.) Lightweight and thin body

Without filters, the thickness of the body is 23cm, and the weight is only 25KG. It can also be used in places with low ceilings.

7.) Optimized internal current sharing design

Ensure that the deviation of the uniformity of the speed of the FFU surface is less than ±10%.

8.) Flexible and diversified design

In addition to standard models, non-standard products of different specifications can be produced according to customer needs. Such as: filter type, bulk material and other changes.

9.) Versatile options

Optional air inlet primary filter, air inlet connection, remote control, differential pressure gauge and other optional accessories.

Other features of FFU

◎ The fan filter unit can use a variety of ways to control the speed;

◎ Extremely low operating power consumption, effectively reducing costs;

◎ Built-in air duct diversion system, reduce noise and pressure loss, increase the service life of the fan and improve the working efficiency of the fan;

◎ Can be easily matched with various high efficiency (HEPA) and ULPA;

◎ Multi-blade centrifugal fan can provide high air volume and high static pressure conditions; ensure the use in different environments;

◎ Suitable for clean rooms with cleanliness of Class 1-1000; especially suitable for assembling ultra-clean production lines, which can be configured as single or multiple units according to the needs of the process, or multiple units can be connected in series to form a 100-level assembly line;

◎ Before leaving the factory, the products are scanned and tested one by one with a dust ion counter according to the ISO14644-1 international standard to ensure product quality.