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What are the differences between different efficiency collapsible primary air filters?

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Collapsible initial effect air filter is indispensable in general air conditioning system, it is the main force of filtration, a wide variety, mainly meet the requirements of large air volume, small resistance, conventional initial effect efficiency and G1, G2, G3, can be selected according to different use environment and requirements, specific use characteristics for you:

Collapsible primary air filter

Collapsible primary air filter G4 is better than G3 filter effect, because the filter resistance of G4 is different than that of G3 filter, the greater the resistance for the smaller dust particles, G4 filter is more than 2 microns of dust particles filtration efficiency of 40%-60%. (Shanghai primary air filter manufacturer)

Folding primary effect air filter has three common depth sizes of 20mm, 45mm and 96mm, their filter area is usually 5 times that of flat filter, longer than the use of glass fiber filter or rayon filter, the use of filter material using special needling technology processing, forming a gradual structure, Filter has the characteristics of low pressure loss, high dust removal rate and long service life. The primary filter can be used directly or can be used as the primary filter to protect the high efficiency filter at the back of the air conditioning system. (Shanghai high efficiency air filter manufacturer)

The initial effect filter is environmental protection filter, in use not only purify the air, also does not affect people’s physical and mental health, secondly, the initial effect filter in the operation of small noise, does not cause noise pollution, in the home, office, industrial production will not cause adverse impact on the environment, the filter effect is better.

Where cleanliness is required, use primary filters to protect medium and high efficiency filters. The price of high efficiency filter is generally very expensive, so the replacement of high efficiency filter is particularly troublesome. Therefore, if the primary filter can be replaced every month to two months, it will reduce the number of subsequent filter changes and save the plant money in the long run.

Collapsible first effect air filter (Shanghai high efficiency air filter manufacturer)

Air filter is recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people’s health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filter.