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Deodorization and filtration characteristics of activated carbon box air filter

2023-03-17 Page view : 31 views

Activated carbon bag filter material: carbon fiber processing suture bag type, not only effectively intercept dust particles, but also do not form too much resistance to air flow. The tangled fibers form numerous barriers to particles, and the wide Spaces between the fibers allow airflow to pass through.

Efficiency: The ratio of the amount of dust captured by the filter to the amount of dust in the unfiltered air is “filtration efficiency”. Particles less than 0.1mm(micron) mainly for diffusion motion, the smaller the particle, the higher the efficiency; Particles larger than 0.5mm mainly move in inertia. The larger the particle, the higher the efficiency.

Resistance: The fiber causes the air flow to go around, creating a small resistance. The sum of the resistance of the numerous fibers is the resistance of the filter. Filter resistance increases with the increase of air flow, by increasing the filter material area, can reduce the filter material through the relative wind speed, reduce the filter resistance.

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Dynamic performance: The captured dust produces additional resistance to the airflow, so that the resistance of the filter in use gradually increases. The captured dust forms a new obstacle, and filtration efficiency improves slightly.

The captured dust mostly accumulates on the windward side of the filter material. The larger the filter material area, the more dust can be accommodated, the longer the filter life.

Service life: The more dust accumulated on the filter material, the greater the resistance. When the resistance is too great to be allowed by the design, the life of the filter ends. Sometimes, too much resistance will make the filter has been caught on the dust flying away, this secondary pollution, the filter should be scrapped.

Static electricity: If the filter material with static electricity or dust with static electricity, the filtering effect can be significantly improved. Static electricity causes dust to change its motion path and crash into obstacles. Electrostatic force is involved in the adhesion work.

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Filtration efficiency: In determining the filtration efficiency of the factors, the meaning of dust “amount”, thus calculated and measured filter efficiency values are different. In practice, there is the total weight of dust, dust particle number; Sometimes it is the amount of a typical particle size of dust, sometimes it is the amount of all dust; There are also specific ways to indirectly reflect the concentration of light (colorimetric method), fluorescence (fluorescence method); There is the instantaneous quantity of a certain state, and there is the weighted average of the efficiency value of the change throughout the dust generation. If the same filter is tested by different methods, the efficiency values will be different. Without the test method, filtering efficiency is out of the question.

Filter resistance: Filter resistance to air flow. Filter ash accumulation, resistance increases, when the resistance increases to a specified value, the filter scrap. The resistance of the new filter is called “initial resistance “; The resistance value of the corresponding filter when scrapped is called “final resistance”.

Final resistance: The choice of final resistance is directly related to the service life of the filter, the system air volume range, the system energy consumption. In most cases, the final resistance is 2 to 4 times the initial resistance.