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What are the characteristics and application scope of the folding air filter?

2022-10-14 Page view : 79 views

There are various types of air filters, such as those without diaphragms, those with diaphragms, those with folds, those with bags and those with plates. Today I want to introduce the folding air filter. From the name, we can see its design characteristics, that is, the folding air filter. What are the design characteristics and performance characteristics of the folding air filter, what is its composition and structure, and what is its application scope, Here’s a detailed answer to these questions.

1、 What is the composition and structure of the panel pleated air filter?

The main structure of the folding air filter is the outer frame, filter material and protective mesh. Its outer frame materials generally include paper frame, aluminum alloy frame, galvanized iron frame, stainless steel frame, etc. Its filter material materials include non-woven fabric, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter cotton, metal mesh, etc. Its protective mesh includes double-sided plastic sprayed iron wire mesh and double-sided galvanized iron wire mesh.

2、 Design and performance characteristics of folding air filter

(1) Design Features of Folding Air Filter

The design features of the panel pleated air filter mainly include five aspects:

1. The welded wire fence of the folding air filter adopts surface rust prevention treatment, which can well fix the linear pleated structure;

2. The galvanized iron mesh of the folding air filter is attached to the air outlet surface of the filter material, which can protect the filter material from being blown out, prevent the deformation of the filter material due to excessive wind pressure, and ensure that all the filter material surfaces are fully utilized;

3. The folding air filter adopts the gradual structure to provide the maximum filtering area for the air flow. The filtering area of the folding filter screen is 5 times that of the general flat filter screen;

4. The folding air filter can be ordinary or moisture-proof paper frame, and the paper frame filter can be burned after use, which is pollution-free and meets the environmental requirements;

5. The folding air filter has a variety of filtering efficiency options.

(2) Characteristics of folding air filter

1. The filter material of the folding filter is high-quality synthetic fiber, with large dust capacity and low resistance;

2. The folding structure of the folding filter can increase the filtering area, lower the price and reduce the use cost;

3. The folding air filter has both an outer frame and a guard net, which not only has a beautiful appearance, but also is firm and solid.

4. Comply with the fire classification standard European DIN53438-F1.

3、 Application scope of folding air filter

The folding filter is mainly used for the primary filtration of the air conditioning system μ The filtration of particles above m, dust and various suspended solids can be used as the primary filter of the air inlet device and exhaust device, and can also be used for the primary or intermediate filtration of the air conditioning filtration system, specifically the ventilation and air conditioning of large civil buildings such as office buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, gymnasiums, airports, etc