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Activated carbon bag filter knowledge of what?

2022-10-14 Page view : 70 views

Activated carbon bag filter is one of the activated carbon filters, has a very good performance and advanced design principle, activated carbon bag filter

The service performance is generally as follows:

▲ Activated carbon bag type filter a filter bag is composed of highly absorbent activated carbon fiber and filter cotton composite. Strong surface adsorption capacity, effective control of air odor odor and organic pollution, strong adsorption capacity, low resistance.

▲ Activated carbon plate filter (Activated carbon pocket air filter)a high adsorption of the active carbon fiber for the filter material, the bag structure, greatly increase the effective filtration area, the outer frame and support frame can be reused, when replacing the filter, only the replacement of activated carbon material, large cost savings, adsorption capacity, low resistance.

▲ Product frame: aluminum alloy frame, galvanized steel plate and waterproof cardboard frame 3 kinds, can be customized according to different customer requirements of non-standard products

Activated carbon pocket air filter conventional size


495 * 595 * 600 * 59

595 * 495 * 600 * 69

595 * 595 * 381 * 69

495 * 595 * 381 * 59

595 * 495 * 381 * 69

Filter efficiency class G3~F5 can be selected, deodorization efficiency can reach more than 95%.

Product Features:

1, activated carbon is made of coconut shell, with tetrachloride activity greater than 60%.

2, activated carbon filter has 100% surface adsorption capacity.

3. The outer frame can be made of waterproof cardboard, galvanized iron frame or aluminum frame and stainless steel.

4, according to the environmental requirements, choose different materials of activated carbon materials, such as activated carbon particles, activated carbon non-woven fabric, activated carbon foam and plate activated carbon filter.

Place of Application:

▲ Suitable for all kinds of air conditioning ventilation system, in the air conditioning ventilation system to deal with odor and air pollution effect is particularly good, can effectively clean the air.

▲ The smell of hospitals and museums;

\ Kitchen and toilet smell;

Paint spray workshop paint smell;