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What are the application fields of filter cotton?

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Generally speaking, filter cotton generally refers to air filter cotton, which can filter dust in the air and ensure clean air. According to different materials, filter cotton can be divided into four categories: synthetic fiber filter cotton, non-woven filter cotton, glass fiber filter cotton, and activated carbon filter cotton; according to the different filtration efficiency, filter cotton can be divided into primary filter cotton, medium-efficiency filter cotton, and high-efficiency filter cotton are three categories. We are the leading manufacturer of air filter cottons in China. With the continuous enhancement of national health and environmental protection awareness and the continuous improvement of precision manufacturing requirements in the industrial field, the application field of filter cotton has been continuously expanded.

The air contains a large amount of dust, smoke, sand and other dust particles. After being inhaled, it will cause lung disease and cause harm to human health; during the coating process, dust mixed into the paint layer will cause defects; In precision instrument manufacturing, dust directly affects product quality; in industrial production, dust will increase the degree of wear and tear of mechanical equipment parts and reduce equipment performance and life; dust will cause damage to the ecological environment.

There are many downstream markets for filter cotton. In the field of electrical appliances, it can be used in air conditioning heat exchange systems to provide clean air indoors and at the same time prolong the service life of air conditioners; in the fields of automobile and machinery manufacturing, it can be used in surface treatment, painting, etc., to prevent dust Product defects; in the field of precision instrument manufacturing, it can provide a highly clean, non-polluting production environment for precision electronics, optical electronics, etc.; in the field of biopharmaceuticals, it can prevent dust from interfering with drug efficacy; in the field of environmental protection, it can be used for emissions from coal, steel and other industries of flue gas treatment.

The primary filter cotton is suitable for various industrial purposes; such as spraying industry, electroplating industry, surface treatment, exhaust gas treatment, building ventilation, pollution prevention, public, air-conditioning industry, home appliance industry, automobile industry, motorcycle manufacturing, electronics industry, watch industry, pharmaceutical factories, food industry, packaging materials, furniture industry, decoration engineering, etc., are widely used. The outer frame can also be added to make a filter.

Under the background of continuously increasing environmental protection requirements, the market demand for air purification materials in my country continues to grow.


What is the process of air filter cotton?

It is from cotton blending – opening – secondary opening – cotton blending box – carding – laying – hot air setting – cooling – trimming and curling and then ending.

The process flow of air filter cotton is actually well explained through the above six simple steps.