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Simple installation tips for primary filter?

2022-09-01 Page view : 333 views

The installation of the primary filter is super simple as long as you master these tips. The method of installing the primary filter is something we must master. Many people may not be very familiar with this knowledge. In fact, as long as you master it After a few tricks it becomes very easy.

1. The new primary-effect Panel Air Filter must be cleaned with a special cleaning agent before use, and avoid using acid-based cleaning agents to clean it.

2. After cleaning, it is necessary to use high-temperature steam for sterilization and other treatments. After cleaning, the equipment should be properly placed.

3. When installing, pay attention that the direction of the inlet and outlet cannot be reversed. It should be noted that the port on the edge of the bottom Panel Air Filter is the inlet, and the pipe on the filter socket is the outlet.

4. When inserting the filter element, it should be placed vertically. After inserting, use the pressure plate to fasten the fin at the tip, and tighten the screw to keep it still.

5. When using the equipment, the pressure is maintained at about 0.1MPa, and the filter element may be slightly blocked as the use time and flow increase.

6. Even if the pressure of the equipment is increased, it cannot exceed 0.4MPa, otherwise the filter element will be damaged.

7. The pressure gauge in the primary effect Panel Air Filter is used to indicate the liquid pressure. If it is a secondary filter, the pressure gauge index of the first filter will be slightly smaller.

8. The longer the use time of a primary-effect plate filter, the pressure will gradually increase, and the flow rate will slow down. At this time, it means that the Panel Air Filter element in this equipment has been blocked and needs to be replaced in time.

After learning the above aspects, the method of installing the initial effect plate filter can generally be mastered proficiently. After a long period of use, I believe everyone can master the skills.

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