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What is the principle of the plate filter? What are the characteristics?

2022-09-03 Page view : 79 views

Plate filters are indispensable in many places, and this equipment is widely used, bringing certain help to the majority of users. So what is the principle of the Pre Panel Air Filter? What are the characteristics of the plate filter? Combining these two questions, I will give you a brief introduction.

Let’s first understand what is the principle of the Pre Panel Air Filter? Due to the external and internal generation, the hydraulic system inevitably adds a lot of solid particle pollutants during the operation. Therefore, the hydraulic system must continuously remove solid particulate contamination to ensure that the target cleanliness of the system is achieved. The filter element in the filter is to complete the function of removing particulate pollutants.

The filter element is a filter element made of porous filter material. It intercepts the solid particles in the system medium through surface interception and curved hole adsorption, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the medium. At the same time, the intercepted solid particles block the medium channel of the filter element, so that the pressure difference between the two ends of the filter element increases. When the pressure difference between the two ends of the filter element reaches its limit, the filter element cannot continue to work and needs to be replaced. It can be seen that the filter element is a consumable part in the system.

The plate filter has many characteristics. This kind of equipment is completely airtight filtration and will not leak, so it achieves the effect of environmental protection. During filtration, it is completely clarified by one filtration, and the filtration clarity can reach ppm level. Moreover, the filtrate was recovered completely, and there was no residual liquid.

The use of the plate filter is very simple, as long as the control button is lightly pressed, the slag discharge port can be automatically opened, and the filter residue can be easily and automatically removed. In addition, this equipment is connected with a computer, and the entire filtering process is fully automated.

There is no need to worry about the temperature, the filtration temperature is not limited, there are few operators, and the operation is simple. Combining these characteristics, it is found that the equipment and operation of the Pre Panel Air Filter are low and easy to maintain and maintain.

There are various brands of plate filters. For example,the pleated panel air filter,washable pre panel air filter,etc..Here we recommend some companies from Sanfan Industry. The brand has a good sales volume in the market and has won the reputation of many users. It also helps you solve the filtering problem in a real sense. Through the above analysis, we understand the principle of the Pre Panel Air Filter and the characteristics of the equipment. Due to the wide variety of filters, users can choose according to their actual needs to create greater value for users.