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How to ensure the quality of liquid filter bags?

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As one of the components of the filter, the filter bag is undoubtedly the most critical part of the filtration process. The filter bag is called the heart of the filter. The quality of the filter bag determines the user’s filtering effect to a large extent.

The 3 Best liquid filter bags for 2022 in China.

(1) Quality of filter material. The filter bags produced by shanghai sffiltech select filter cloths produced by well-known enterprises, and have undergone layer-by-layer inspection and testing of shanghai sffiltech. Manufactured with professional production equipment. Our company’s liquid filter bags are of various materials and complete specifications.

(2) Establish a scientific and strict production process. In the production process of needle-punched felt filter material, there must be a strict production process, the craftsman must do the production process first, and change the variety to do the process test first, and then make a reasonable production process design. track. When changing specifications, it is necessary to do a process test first, and then mass production can be done only after the test is qualified.

(3) Implement standardized operations. For the operators of each process, practical operating procedures should be formulated, and they should be implemented and inspected; the equipment should be well maintained to ensure that the equipment is in good operating condition, and the quality and output of the products; in order to avoid contamination of products , It is necessary to ensure equipment hygiene and environmental hygiene.

(4) Do a good job in inspection and acceptance. liquid filter bags Set up inspection system for semi-finished products and products, and strictly follow the standards. In the inspection of semi-finished products, timely feedback and correction of quality problems occur, and the product quality of each team and individual shall be strictly assessed. Implement national standard and enterprise standard for finished product inspection. Only the finished products that have passed the inspection and acceptance can leave the factory.

(5) Do a good job in information feedback and after-sales service. Do a good job in product information feedback, tracking inquiries, and after-sales service. Request immediate acceptance by the consignee upon delivery. When the receiving unit finds a problem, it should promptly notify the production unit to conduct a re-inspection according to the standard, and the manufacturer is fully responsible for any quality problems that occur. Frequently solicit user opinions, so that quality problems can be timely feedback.

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