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Design characteristics and performance characteristics of F8-class bag-type medium-efficiency filter

2022-09-23 Page view : 102 views

F8 bag type medium-efficiency filter, also known as medium-efficiency bag filter, medium-efficiency filter, medium-efficiency air bag filter, bag filter, F8 bag-type medium-efficiency filter can also be used as a pre-filter for high-efficiency filtration. filtration, thereby reducing the weight load of high-efficiency filtration and extending the service life of high-efficiency filtration.

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Design features of F8 grade bag type medium efficiency filter:

1. The bag-type medium-efficiency filter with its unique bag-type structure ensures that the air flow evenly fills the entire bag; the unique hot-melt technology can prevent overcrowding or leakage between the bags, which reduces the resistance and makes the dust holding capacity to reach maximum.

2. The reinforced “bag support grille” can prevent the filter from shrinking or bending deformation in extremely poor working environment;

3. We have standard bag type and European standard bag type filter media for customers to choose, and choose different filter media according to different cost performance to ensure the effective operation of the filter system;

4. Filtration efficiency grade: F8 (EN779).

F8 bag type medium efficiency filter performance characteristics:

1. Large filter(bag air filter) area and high dust holding capacity;

2. Large air volume, low resistance and long service life;

3. Suitable for use in humid, high airflow and dust-loaded environments.

Application fields of F8 medium efficiency bag filter:

1. Widely used in pharmaceutical, automobile and food manufacturing industries, commercial buildings and various industrial ventilation systems;

2. Intermediate filtration of centralized ventilation and air conditioning systems in clean rooms

Bag filter related filtration knowledge:

Bag filters are essential for general ventilation and air conditioning systems. It is the workhorse of filtering. The bag type is mainly to meet the requirements of large air volume and low resistance. Strictly speaking, the front end of the bag filter also has a layer of pre-filtering device, generally using a disposable paper frame or metal frame plate filter. However, some domestic users do not replace the front-end paper frame filter after reaching the lifespan, but directly use the bag filter for primary filtration, resulting in a harsh operating environment and a shortened life of the bag filter, which cannot meet the medium-efficiency filter manufacturer‘s design requirements.