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How to clean the pre-filter?

2022-04-02 Page view : 178 views

The filter is a very critical part of all water purification devices, air purifiers, etc., but when we run for a period of time, the impurities in the water source or the air are filtered and accumulated, which urgently needs us to clean and filter net filter. Today, take the backwashing pre-filter as an example to briefly describe his cleaning process.


The backwash pre-filter is mainly composed of high-quality carbon steel cylinder, stainless steel wedge filter, butterfly valve and sewage device. When the washable panel air filter is working, the butterfly valve is in the open state, the water flows into the filter from the inlet, and then goes to the outlet after being filtered by the filter screen, and the dirt and impurities in the water are intercepted by the filter screen. When the filter needs to be drained, close the butterfly valve. Open the drain valve, the water flows through the first half of the filtration process, part of the water flow directly flows into the system, and the other part of the water flow flows from the outside of the filter screen to the inside, and is discharged through the sewage outlet. It plays the role of reverse automatic flushing of the filter screen and removal of dirt and impurities. The whole process of backflushing sewage does not need to shut down the system, and realizes online sewage discharge.


1.) Close the water inlet three-way ball valve, press the snap ring at the top of the white quick connector with your fingers, and pull out the hose at the same time, and note the connection direction of the hose. With the black port of the pre-filter facing down, drain the water inside.


2.) Insert a flat-blade screwdriver from the water outlet (marked with “OUT”) into the black cover as a left-hand grip. Use an adjustable wrench with your right hand to unscrew the white quick connector at the water outlet of the pre-filter (marked with “OUT”).


3.) Put the washable panel pre air filter on the ground in front of it, and put the special wrench on the bottle body from the bottom of the transparent bottle body. Hold the screwdriver in the left hand and the special wrench handle in the right hand to unscrew the filter bottle. If the cover is too tight to rotate, please soak one end of the black cover in boiling water for two minutes, and use the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction to facilitate rotation.


4.) Take out the old water purifier filter element, and carefully clean the inside of the filter bottle and the filter bottle cap. Insert a new filter element of the same specification, screw on the black cap, and rotate the special wrench handle to the outside of the body according to step 5 to further tighten the filter bottle. Then use the adjustable wrench to screw the white quick connector.


5.) Insert the white hose into the water inlet of the pre-filter (marked with “IN”), and the other hose into the water outlet (marked with “OUT”). Insert the hose all the way, and then pull the hose slightly outward so that the snap ring holds the hose tightly.


6.) Place the pre-filter vertically and adjust the position, open the water inlet three-way ball valve, and then open the pressure-free faucet. After a few minutes of water discharge, check all the connections of the machine to ensure that there is no water leakage and can be used normally.


The above are the brief steps for the manufacturer of washable panel pre air filter cleaning, one step is clear, the operation is simple and easy to use. However, the editor still recommends that professional personnel should be invited to clean things like this. I hope the above content can help you when cleaning the backwash pre-filter.