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Can I customize the central air-conditioning air purification of the folding G4 primary filter?

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Understanding and Application of Primary Efficiency Air Filter


▪ The primary air filter is suitable for air purification of central air conditioning and centralized ventilation system, and belongs to the pre-filtration application of central air conditioning and centralized ventilation system.

▪ Large-scale air compressor filtration, which belongs to the application of large-scale air compressor pre-filtration.

▪ Purification of return air system in clean room, application of clean return air system.

▪ The front pre-filtration system of the medium-efficiency or high-efficiency air filtration device plays a pre-filtering role of local effective filtration.

▪ The high temperature resistant primary filter is also called the high temperature resistant coarse filter or the high temperature resistant filter. Like the general primary air filter, it is mainly used in the primary filter section of the filtration system and is suitable for the production of industrial products. Environment, primary filtration of the air filter end with high temperature requirements, such as air filtration of hot-air high-temperature ovens, air filtration of high-temperature ovens of painting plants, etc., used in automotive food industry, daily chemical industry, painting workshop, dust-free oven and other industries.


Product Features of Primary Air Filter

The structural forms of the primary air filter products are plate type, folding type, bag type, box type, belt type and winding type. The G1 G2 G3 G4 pre panel filter factory divides the filters into G1, G2, G3, G4 grades. The outer frame materials include aluminum alloy frame, galvanized iron frame, stainless steel frame, and paper frame. The filter material of the primary filter is generally non-woven fabric, wire mesh, glass wire, nylon mesh, etc. The mesh material includes nylon mesh, metal mesh, etc. The outer protective mesh includes double-sided plastic-sprayed wire mesh, double-sided galvanized mesh Two types of barbed wire. The price of the product is relatively low, the weight is light, the overall structure is compact, and its applicability and versatility are strong. Among them, there are also high-temperature resistant primary air filters commonly used in the industrial field. With stainless steel outer frame, the high temperature resistance can reach 250-300 ℃ environment, and the filtration efficiency and grade can reach 85% @ 2.0μm.


Application Conditions and Practical Life of Primary Air Filter


Temperature -10 ~ 100 ℃, humidity ≤ 80%, can only be used in a slightly acidic and slightly alkaline air environment. The common primary air filter size is 595×595×46mm, and it can also be customized on demand. Under the condition of rated air volume, the filter cotton core in the core of the primary filter product can be used normally for 1 to 2 months. When it is detected that the resistance reaches more than 200Pa, the filter cotton core must be replaced. Of course, if the filter cotton core is a washable type (that is, the filter cotton with waterproof treatment added), please remove the filter in time, and rinse with clean water or a solution containing neutral detergent, and then install it after blow-drying or cooling. Change it up. (Note: The washable primary air filter is usually only allowed to be cleaned twice, because each time it is cleaned, the efficiency of the filter will drop by 15%. The service life cycle will also decrease accordingly.


Application Fields of Primary Air Filter


Such as precision manufacturing, optoelectronic industry, coating industry, electroplating industry, surface treatment, animal husbandry, waste gas treatment, home appliance industry, automobile industry, motorcycle manufacturing, electronics industry, watch industry, pharmaceutical factory, food industry, packaging materials, building ventilation, pollution prevention, public construction, air conditioning industry, furniture industry, etc., involving air purification (application) engineering fields including ventilation systems.