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Can the h14 high efficiency filter with partition be cleaned and used twice?

2023-06-30 Page view : 36 views

Our factory has built a dust-free oil injection workshop, which has been used for more than 7 months, but now the air intake is insufficient, so we ask the manufacturer to test that it needs to replace the partition filter in h14, and that the high efficiency filter H13 is blocked. I would like to ask if I can clean the high efficiency filter before using it, or is there any method that can be used twice?

The h14 has a separator filter

How to see such a business friend’s question, did it arouse your resonance? Indeed, many of our clients have asked us similar questions. Because the price of high efficiency filters on the market is not so cheap, especially for those manufacturers with large filter usage and poor workshop environment, the filter replacement is more frequent and the cost is higher, so they want to find a way to use high efficiency filters twice, which is natural from the point of view of rational people. (Shanghai SFFILTECH high efficiency air filter manufacturer)

At present, the high efficiency filters on the market mainly include high efficiency air filter without partition, high efficiency air filter with partition, liquid tank high efficiency filter, combined high efficiency filter and other series. However, no matter what series they are, their filter material is ultrafine glass fiber, this filter material in essence determines that it can not be washed with water and then used again, that is to say, high efficiency air filters can not be washed with water and then used again. (Shanghai SFFILTECH high efficiency air filter manufacturer)

Is there any way to extend the service life of the h14 separator filter and reduce my cost?

To solve this problem, first of all, we must know that the service life of the high efficiency filter depends on what factors, only knowing these, we usually know how to maintain the high efficiency filter in the dust-free workshop. Let’s talk about it by Xiaobian.

1. Whether the front-end filter system Settings are reasonable

2, if the efficiency of the front filter is too low, it will lead to a large number of dust particles greater than 0.3 microns are not filtered out, and the efficiency of the rear high efficiency filter is higher, and these large particle size dust will accumulate on the surface of the filter, which will cause the filter resistance to increase, thereby reducing the service life of the filter. (Shanghai SFFILTECH high efficiency air filter manufacturer)

3, the actual use of air volume is too large

4, the filter will have a rated air volume, more than the rated air supply, it is easy to cause dust particles through the filter paper, resulting in a decrease in filtration efficiency, although this situation does not cause the blockage of the filter, but it will still cause the filter to be scrapped in advance.

5, the actual wind speed is too high

6, the filter used in the dust-free workshop purification equipment, in the actual use of the working wind speed of 0.36-0.4m/s, if the actual use of the wind speed exceeds the range, the principle is the same as the above air volume is too large, easy to make the dust particles penetrate the filter material, reduce the filter efficiency, scrap in advance.

7, the filter in the environment

8, like the case introduced above, is a dust-free oil injection workshop, this workshop is very heavy dust, too much dust is easy to accumulate on the filter, increase the filter resistance, easy to cause filter blockage; In addition, if the environment of the filter is too humid, it is easy to glue the dust in the air together, blocked in the filter paper, it is also easy to clog the filter, and the wet environment makes the filter paper of the filter easy to damage; Also, if the workshop contains hydrofluoric acid, and the workshop is not a fresh air system, this environment is easy to cause damage to the filter paper. (Shanghai SFFILTECH high efficiency air filter manufacturer)

The h14 has a separator filter

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