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Where are air filters generally used?

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An air filter is an indispensable device for creating a clean air environment. The clean air sent into the room mainly relies on the air filter to capture the dust particles suspended in the air.


Several Features of Air Filters:

1.) Human Comfort

Air purification centered around human health. The indoor air quality problem is the “building syndrome”. In a relatively closed air-conditioned building, various building materials, office appliances, and household appliances emit organic volatiles, bacteria, dust, etc., which will cause discomfort and illness to the human body.

2.) Functionality of Industrial Production

Air purification around the quality requirements of industrial products. Pharmaceutical factories (including preparation rooms in hospitals) must prevent the contamination of microorganisms and impurities; electronic factories and chip factories are very sensitive to dust particles. Supply a sufficient amount of purified air to achieve the required cleanliness.


Place of use: Focusing on the two main purposes of human comfort and functionality of industrial production, air filters are used in:

1.) Office Buildings, shopping malls, Hospitals, Airport Terminals and other Buildings Equipped with Central Air-Conditioning Systems.

2.) Pharmaceutical factories, chip factories, electronic product factories, etc., all factory workshops that have high requirements for a clean production environment.

3.) Installed in household electrical appliances, mainly installed in:

  1. Household air conditioners: window units, split units, cabinet units, and ceiling units;
  2. Air purifiers, also known as air purifiers;
  3. In the vacuum cleaner;
  4. In the exhaust fan or ventilation fan;
  5. In the exhaust range hood;

4.) Installed in the car air conditioning system, of course, including cars, buses.