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What material is the dust filter cartridge

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Dust filter cartridge The dust filter cartridge is the key component of the cartridge dust collector and one of the accessories to ensure the dust removal of the equipment. Common dust filter cartridges are made of paper, polyester, film, pleated and other materials. The filter element itself has filter cloth ( It is made of woven cloth, linen cloth, spunlace felt), and there are also paper filter elements.Our wide range of cartridge, such as hfl-series-large-flow-filter-element and PP filter cartridge. Both ends are made of metal and plastic, the connecting part has rubber pads, and some filter elements are protected by stainless steel mesh. . The main function of the filter element of the filter cartridge dust collector is: it is fixed inside the dust collector to block the dust contained in the air sucked by the fan, so as to purify the dust gas. . Therefore, the filter element is directly in contact with the dust gas, which is related to the purification effect.Dust filter cartridges are subdivided according to material, mainly in the following categories:

1. Polyester filter cartridge

FYT series polyester filter cartridge is made of high-quality polyester non-woven adhesive filter material, which has been processed by hot roller calendering, heat setting, waterproof and oil proof saturation, and has a compact microporous structure. After the filter cartridge is made, there are various shapes size. This filter cartridge can be washed with water, the working temperature is 80-135 ℃, and the pressure difference is much smaller than that of standard felt while maintaining effective filtration all the time. It belongs to surface filtration, easy to clean, and has a wide range of applications.

2. Paper filter cartridge

FYT series filter cartridge is an effective filter material made of natural wood pulp fiber, with a large filtering area. This filter material has poor strength and is not resistant to water, and is suitable for air filtration or dust occasions with less water content.

3. Membrane filter cartridge

FYT series membrane-coated filter cartridge is to bond the expanded microporous polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) film to the surface of various filter materials by hot molding. Small friction coefficient, strong hydrophobicity and good cleaning effect. It is suitable for working conditions with high wind speed, high humidity and high requirements for dust removal.

4. Pleated long filter cartridge

FYT series long filter cartridges have the shape of filter bags. The products have flower plate diameters of 127mm, 133mm, 159mm, 162mm, etc. The length is usually 1-2m, and can reach 3m in special applications. The installation methods of such filter cartridges are usually top-loading, bottom-loading, and screw-type. The top and bottom cover materials are polyurethane and metal. The pleated long filter cartridge has the following characteristics:

①Vertical installation, it is easy to design reasonable airflow, and the dust removed from the horizontally mounted upper filter cartridge will not fall on the lower filter cartridge when cleaning.

②The pleat distance is large, and the top angle of the pleat is large, the dust is not easy to be blocked in the cracks, and it is easy to clean the dust.

③Compared with the dust filter bag, the filter area is 2-4 times that of the filter bag of the same size, which can greatly reduce the volume of the equipment, and has higher dust removal efficiency, better anti-wear performance, and more convenient replacement and maintenance.