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What is the knowledge of filter element filter?

2022-01-21 Page view : 133 views

The cartridge type liquid filter is a new type of multifunctional filter, which consists of two parts: filter and filter element.


Application Field: It has been widely used in water, oil, paint and other liquid purification and solid-liquid separation in machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, electroplating, medicine, food and other industries.


Working Principle:

When the filtered liquid is pressed into the filter inlet, it is filtered into a clear liquid through the filter element through the filter layer from the outside to the inside and then discharged through the outlet. Impurities are trapped in the deep layer and surface of the filter element, so that the liquid can be filtered.

1.) To be filtered liquid inlet

2.) Clear liquid discharge port

3.) The size, structure and size of the filter element of the drain (dirty) port filter depend on the design flow rate and the characteristics of the medium of the filtered liquid.


The filters are made of high-quality stainless steel and have a reasonable structure. They are not only small in size, low in cost, large in flow, but also easy to maintain, replace and assemble. The filtration precision is 0.5-100um and the flow is 0.5-200m3/h. Products of different sizes can also be made according to user needs.


Main Technical Parameters

Filtration precision: 0.1-100um

Handling capacity: 0.5-200m2/h

Maximum working pressure: 0.4-10MPa

Maximum working temperature: 80-120°C