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What is the difference between different filter paper of clean room high efficiency filter?

2023-07-07 Page view : 33 views

With the worsening of the environment, people’s awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased, especially the COVID-19 epidemic, so that people realize the necessity of clean air, air filters can not only be used in industry, but also in life, including our subway, supermarkets, offices, air conditioners, etc., are used in air filters. The clean room high efficiency filter is also our commonly used filter, the price on the market is uneven, why the price is different? A single filter paper makes a big difference, and today I will give you a simple explanation:

Clean room high efficiency filter

The difference between clean room high efficiency filter paper:

The number of folds of filter paper without partition is mainly determined by the folding height of filter paper and the tightness of filter paper. As we all know, the tightness of the filter paper directly affects the filtration efficiency of the product. Many manufacturers on the market often steal materials to reduce costs in order to keep prices low. And consumers do not know, but with such a price to reduce the price, in the long run, is bound to cause vicious competition. First of all, the height of the filter paper fold will also affect the use of the filter paper area. (Shanghai SFFILTECH High efficiency air Filter H13 Disposable HEAP Filter manufacturer)

If the filter paper is folded lower, it will also reduce the cost, and consumers do not know why, it will not be a thing, and it will feel that the price is relatively low. Secondly, the filter paper is slightly sparse, and the efficiency is necessarily not as high as the standard. But the average consumer will not pay too much attention to, nor will they make a big deal to test efficiency, so the price is uneven, and the customer is not bothered, just listen to the price. So we must pay attention to these details when buying aluminum frame high efficiency filters without partitions. (Shanghai SFFILTECH High efficiency air Filter H13 Disposable HEAP Filter manufacturer)

When you receive a clean room high efficiency filter, you must first pay attention to the density and height of the filter paper, if there is a lot of difference with the outer frame, it will inevitably affect the efficiency of the filter. Therefore, when choosing a filter manufacturer, we must choose a regular filter manufacturer, do not blindly listen to the low price, but also pay attention to the quality of the product. (Shanghai SFFILTECH High efficiency air Filter H13 Disposable HEAP Filter manufacturer)

Clean room high efficiency filter

Air filters are recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people’s health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filters. (Shanghai SFFILTECH High efficiency air Filter H13 Disposable HEAP Filter manufacturer)