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What is the basic knowledge of polyester filter bags?

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Brief Introduction of Polyester Filter Bag:


1.) Polyester (PE) is a thermoplastic resin made by polymerization of ethylene. Generally, low-pressure polyethylene is used as raw material and spun into synthetic fibers. Polyethylene is odorless, non-toxic, has high high temperature resistance, oil resistance, steam permeability resistance and stress crack resistance, excellent low temperature resistance (the lowest operating temperature can reach -100~-70°C), and is chemically stable good performance, can withstand most acids and alkalis. It is insoluble in general solvents at room temperature and has low water absorption. In addition, it has good electrical insulation, impact resistance and cold resistance.


2.) Polyester PE uses ultra-fine pure fiber filaments to form a highly fluffy, tortuous three-dimensional filter material by needle punching. The loose fiber structure and super air permeability can effectively capture fine solid particles and colloidal particles, and are not easy to be blocked. The high-strength fiber yarn avoids damage due to the increase of fluid pressure during the filtration process. The surface of the felt cloth adopts high temperature heat treatment, singeing and calendering treatment, which will not cause filtrate pollution due to fiber detachment, and avoids the traditional rolling treatment to cause excessive clogging of the filter holes and shorten the life of the filter bag, and it does not affect the flow rate of the filter. Improve the filtration efficiency.


Features of Polyester Filter Bag:


1.) Impact Resistance

The impact resistance and shock absorption of polyethylene ranks first among plastics, and it is difficult for them to crack whether it is a strong external force or internal pressure fluctuations. Its impact strength is twice that of nylon, polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene. Especially in a low temperature environment, its impact strength reaches a higher value instead.


2.) Corrosion Resistance

Polyethylene is a saturated molecular cluster structure, so its chemical stability is extremely high, and it can withstand various highly corrosive media (acids, alkalis, salts) and organic solvents within a certain temperature and concentration range.


3.) High Wear Resistance without Scaling

The self-lubricating and non-adhesive properties of polyethylene have the smallest coefficient of friction. The special process is anti-corrosion, anti-wear and non-scaling, so the flow resistance is very small, and the flow rate and flow can be maintained for a long time.


4.) Light Weight and Easy Installation

Polyester filter bags, polyester filter bags, PE filter bags, applications and fields:

The liquid filter bag relies on the fluid pressure of the filter system, and the filtered liquid passes through the filter bag, leaving impurities in the filter bag to achieve the purpose of filtration. Therefore, the requirements of filtration completely depend on the accuracy of the filter bag. The accuracy of the selection of the filter bag, the quality of the filter bag and the material of the filter bag are very important. It is widely used in food, medicine, petroleum, paint, coating, chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, machinery, automobile, light industry and other fields. It has a super filtration and purification effect on water quality, liquid, air, solid particles, and bacteria.