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What is glass fiber medium efficiency bag filter?

2022-08-15 Page view : 78 views

Glass fiber bag filter is mainly used in central air conditioning ventilation system, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, electronics, food, and other industrial purification, applicable fields: it is the ideal choice for fireproof certified enterprises, and is also the ideal configuration for ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Features of glass fiber medium efficiency bag filter:

1. Good flame retardant performance, up to UL-2 level standard.

2. Large dust holding capacity and long service life.

3. Adopt ultra-fine glass fiber filter media from JM, USA, to ensure the effective operation of the filtration system.

4. Filtration efficiency grade can reach – F7, F8.

5. Tailor-made: according to any demand, tailor-made products for you.

SFFILTECH can customize filters of different sizes according to users’ requirements, and also accept special specifications of air conditioning air outlet filters.

Glass fiber medium efficiency bag filter replacement cycle.

1. under the condition of rated air volume use, the filter needs to be replaced in 3-6 months.or when the resistance of the filter reaches 450 Pa or more, the filter must be replaced.

2. If the filter uses washable filter media, the filter media under replacement can be rinsed with water or a solution containing neutral detergent, cooled and dried, and then replaced; at most, cleaning is allowed twice, that is, the filter must be replaced with a new one. If the dust concentration in the use environment is larger, this service life cycle will also be reduced.

Notes on the use of glass fiber medium efficiency bag filter.

Regularly check whether there is any debris blockage on the air inlet surface of the filter and whether the surface of the filter media is broken; if there are items blocking the surface, they should be removed; if the surface of the filter media is seriously damaged, it must be replaced with new filter media or a new filter to be reinstalled; when the filter is installed, ensure good sealing at the pressure edge with the frame to prevent air leakage; do not hit the surface of the filter with heavy objects and do not pull the surface of the filter with force; when glass fiber medium efficiency bag filter is installed, the surface of the filter media should not be damaged. When installing the filter, the length of the filter bag should be perpendicular to the ground to ensure the filtration effect of air supply and increase the service life.

Learn more about glass fiber filter media.

SFFILTECH, a leading global manufacturer of filter media for the filtration industry, offers a complete line of medium efficiency glass fiber filter media that meets performance requirements. Glass fiber media is the most widely used HVAC media in the world, and is the dominant product in the European and American markets. The highly fluffy microfiber media has proven to be the most stable filter media over a long period of time. It has four main efficiencies and is labeled by the colorimetric method.

Compared with cheap chemical fiber filter media, glass fiber filter media has the following advantages.

1. Stable filtration efficiency, while chemical fiber filter media may produce a sudden drop in efficiency due to electrostatic decay.

2. The pressure drop rises slowly and the life span is at least 1 times longer than that of chemical fiber media (Note: laboratory test results).

3 working temperature up to 110-120 degrees Celsius, fire rating to 2 and 1. And chemical fiber filter media is a flammable and combustible material.

3. And with the stationary chemical fiber filter media is different, through the glass fiber filter media dust particles will not have static electricity and thus will not increase the chance of damage to microelectronics products. In contrast, chemical fiber filter media will make the whole clean room space with static electricity.

5. The filter fiber adopts a special component formula, which can be quickly dissolved in human lung fluid and discharged from the body, and will not remain in the human body for a long time like chemical fiber.

4. Although the purchase cost of chemical fiber filter media is low. However, glass fiber filter media has lower total life cycle cost because of labor saving, saving electricity consumed by upstream air volume, and improving customer’s product yield.

We also have other medium efficiency filter bag products, such as medium efficiency minipleated filter and V-type filter, if you need a product, please contact medium efficiency filter bag manufacturer.