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What is dry paint filter paper?

2022-06-22 Page view : 108 views

Pleated dry filter paper is a new environmentally friendly product used in dry spray booths, which makes oil/paint spray no more water and no more pollution.


Dry paint filter paper principle: overspray collection separation filter paper is based on the principle of inertia separation. Forcing the load airflow to change direction several times so that those heavier than air particles will adhere to the wall, while the air continues to move without special hindrance. As the air passes freely through the pores, the particles adsorb to the pleats until the filter is saturated. Dry paint filter paper is made of environmentally friendly filter paper, wrinkled structure, according to the principle of inert separation, unique flow vortex airflow guiding design, it can efficiently adsorb the over range of paint particles, forcing the airflow to change the flow direction many times, so that the paint particles adsorbed on the paper wall, will not flow away with the airflow, over spray paint particles completely blocked then replace the filter paper.


Pleated dry filter paper product features.

1.) Pleated cardboard through the filter paper effect increases with the saturation, the effect can reach 98% (when the gas contains high solids).

2.) The shape design is conducive to the frontal speed distribution.

3.) Filter paper manufacturer of weak resistance to air, the maximum effect of filtration.

4.) Dry paint filter paper has high efficiency, high capacity, low operating cost and no need for frequent replacement. Beyond other types of filter paper life, can reach six times.

5.) Dry paint filter paper has a retention capacity of 18 kg/m2.

6.) Dry paint filter paper filter material, using environmentally friendly filter paper, is professionally developed according to the characteristics of paint bad purification.

7.) It consists of two layers of bonded, perforated, pleated and stretchable kraft paper, which increases the paint precipitation area.


Dry paint filter paper is used in the field of spray-painting operation in industries such as shipbuilding, automobile, motorcycle, electric car, bicycle, furniture, steel barrel, container, machinery, TV, trim, plastic parts, toys, sports equipment, electrical instruments, hardware processing, etc. Dry paint filter paper is the ideal paint mist filtration and recovery device for spray paint coating line, spray paint room, spray paint cabinet, spray paint table, etc. Dry paint filter paper plays the purpose of filtering and treating paint mist in the spray paint room and spray paint equipment, reducing air pollution, keeping the working environment and finally reaching the emission standard.