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What is cleanroom high efficiency filter?

2022-07-07 Page view : 96 views

As the front-end filtration part of the filtration equipment, the cleanroom high efficiency filter is mostly made of aluminum alloy for its outer frame and non-woven fabric for its filter mesh. Its filtering speed is fast, and the dust holding area is large, and it mainly plays a filtering role for dust particles in the air. It can effectively save energy and extend the service life of the equipment, so it is favored by customers.


So, what is cleanroom high efficiency filter? SFFILTECH introduces to you that cleanroom high efficiency filter can effectively filter large particles in the air with filtration efficiency between 60% and 95%. Cleanroom HEPA filters can greatly reduce the filtration burden of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment. Cleanroom HEPA filters are widely used in manufacturing. Cleanrooms are widely used in the manufacturing of precision instruments because their environment is in a dust-free and noiseless condition, and the humidity and temperature are strictly controlled in many aspects. Without cleanroom high efficiency filters, the watches you wear in life and various precision instruments and instruments used in industry would not be able to achieve precise operations. Cleanroom medium efficiency filters are replaced once every six months, and high efficiency filters are replaced every year, and if they exceed the standard, they are replaced at any time.


There are many clean room high efficiency filter manufacturers, customers in the choice, must not be greedy for a moment of cheap, to buy the product after-sales guarantee filter, so that in the later use process, if there are problems, can have a good solution.


In the face of a wide variety of products in the market, how do customers choose the right product for themselves? First of all, understand the scale of business, whether the reputation in the market is good, to decide whether it is worth choosing. SFFILTECH has different types of cleanroom high efficiency filters with different materials, so customers can choose cost-effective products according to their needs.


SFFILTECH is also constantly innovating its technology, improving its quality of service and trying to bring better service to customers. Because of this, its market share is increasing, and it is recognized by more and more people and applied to more fields, better for people to use and achieve greater value.