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What does an air filter do?

2022-01-28 Page view : 121 views

In the current environment, the problem of smog has always plagued us. At this time, air filters have played a great role in our daily life. Air filters have improved our air quality and helped us resist the harm caused by smog to our bodies. Let’s take a closer look at the role of air filters:

Air filter refers to an air filtration device, which is generally used in clean workshops, clean workshops, clean operating rooms, laboratories and clean rooms, or for dust-proofing of electronic mechanical communication equipment. There are five types of primary filter, medium efficiency filter, medium high efficiency filter, sub-high efficiency and high efficiency filter. Various models have different standards and performance.

In pneumatic technology, air filters, pressure reducing valves and lubricators are called the three major pneumatic components. In order to obtain multiple functions, these three air source treatment components are often assembled together in sequence, which is called a pneumatic triplet. It is used for air purification and filtration, decompression and lubrication.

The installation sequence of the three parts is air filter, pressure reducing valve and lubricator according to the air intake direction. The three major pieces are indispensable air source devices in most pneumatic systems. They are installed near the gas equipment and are the final guarantee for the quality of compressed air. In addition to ensuring the quality of the three major pieces themselves, space saving should also be considered in their design and installation. Easy to operate and install, can be combined arbitrarily and other factors. Apply glass glue evenly on the sealing strip. When connecting the filter to the static pressure box, the surrounding force should be uniform. After 24 hours, the glass glue has dried before running the purification system.

When transporting and storing the filter, it should be placed in the direction marked by the manufacturer. During transportation, it should be handled with care to prevent violent vibration and collision, so as to avoid man-made damage.