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What causes the turbidity of the filtrate?

2023-02-25 Page view : 50 views

1. The mesh number of filter cloth is too small. The filter bag mainly includes two types: liquid filter bag and air filter bag. As a filter element, the filter bag is a key link in the filtration process. The quality of the filter bag largely determines the filtering effect of the user and can meet the application in various fields. Mesh is an important parameter of filter cloth. The size of the parameter indicates the number of filter holes of the filter cloth. The smaller the mesh, the larger the filter hole of the filter bag. On the contrary, the smaller the filter hole of the filter cloth. Therefore, in the filtration process of filter media, the filter cloth with small mesh will make many solids pass through the filter cloth normally, resulting in the unclear liquid after filtration.

2 Broken filter cloth is made of fiber, which, like cloth, has high flexibility and ductility. Because of this, the filter bag is easy to damage the filter cloth in the process of use, especially when there are hard objects on the filter material, the filter cloth will pass through the filter cloth in operation after being punctured, so that the filtering effect is not great. The filter cloth retracts between the filter plates. In order to make the filter cloth work normally in the process of use, the two sides of the filter cloth need to have independent space, which requires the full cooperation of the filter plate. The edge of the filter cloth is pressed on the edge of the filter plate, and the filter cloth is often larger than the filter plate. Because the filter bag expands the filter tank and the filter cloth retracts the filter tank, the filter cloth will not play an important role in natural filtration, and the filtering effect will not be very good.