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What are the secrets of wire wound filter elements?

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Wirewound filter element is a kind of deep filter element, used for low-viscosity, low-impurity filtration. It is made of textile fiber thread (polypropylene thread, absorbent cotton thread, etc.), which is precisely wound on a porous frame (polypropylene or stainless steel) according to a specific process. The above is made with a honeycomb structure with sparse outside and dense inside, which can effectively remove suspended solids, particles, rust and other impurities in the fluid, and has very good filtering characteristics.


A well-wound wire-wound filter element can show the filtering effect of a depth-type filter material. The ideal condition is that it becomes denser and denser from the outside to the inside. Therefore, when winding, the thickness of the wire or different winding tension must be used. To control the density of the filter material, the wound filter element with such an inner dense and outer sparse structure can have the depth effect of the deep filter material, effectively improve the efficiency of filtration, and intercept more contaminant particles. The filtration accuracy of the wound filter material is determined by the thickness of the wire and the density of the winding. The thinner the wire, the closer it can be, the smaller the pores and the higher the accuracy; the same, the denser the wire structure. The filtration accuracy will be higher. However, in the filtering process, the filter material must be able to maintain its specific structure and pore size in order to provide stable and uniform filtering quality.




High filtration accuracy, large flow, small pressure difference, high pressure resistance, large dirt holding capacity, non-toxic, tasteless, and no secondary pollution.

1.) High filtration accuracy, small pressure difference, large flow, large dirt holding capacity and long service life;

2.) The filter pore size is small inside and large outside, with good deep filtration effect;

3.) The filter element is made of different materials to ensure various liquid filtration requirements and achieve the best filtration effect.



The wire-wound filter element is formed by winding textile fibers on a multi-frame in a specific manner. By controlling the winding density of the filter element during winding, filter elements with different filtration accuracy can be made. The filter element has a large outside diameter and a small inside diameter, which has an excellent deep filtration effect.



The wire wound filter element can effectively remove suspended solids and particles in the liquid. The flow rate is large, and the pressure loss is small. The filter residue load is high and the service life is long. Can withstand higher filtration pressure. According to the nature of the filtered liquid, the filter element has a variety of different materials to choose from, so that the filter element has a good compatibility with the filtrate.



The Main Purpose of the Wire Wound Filter Element:

1.) Food and beverage industry: mineral water, syrup, alcohol, edible oil, beverage water, cola drinks, etc.

2.) Electronic industry: pure water, organic solvents, printed circuit boards, electroplating, etc.

3.) Petroleum and chemical industry: petrochemical products, medicines, cosmetics, paint, photosensitive liquid, ink, acrylic fiber raw materials, photographic washing liquid, grease, etc.

4.) Industrial oil: hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, cutting oil and other industrial oils.

5.) Pharmaceutical industry: syrup, alcohol, preparation water, VC raw materials, tetracycline liquid, oxytetracycline liquid, injections, etc.

6.) Others: resin lens, bearing cleaning, laser cooling water, ultrasonic cleaning liquid, electroplating liquid, etc.


Product Application Field

1.) Filtered water: such as pre-filtering treatment for medium and large ultra-pure water systems, and pre-filtering treatment for water in the beverage industry;

2.) Food industry filtration: such as the filtration of edible oil and vegetable oil, the filtration of various types of slurries such as syrup and chocolate;

3.) Chemical industry filtration: such as electroplating liquid chemical filtration, paint, oil, coating filtration, mechanical oil, cutting oil, heavy oil, fuel oil filtration, high viscosity resin, grease filtration, pharmaceutical filtration.


Technical Parameter

1.) Filtration accuracy: 1μm, 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, 30μm, 50μm, 75μm, 100μm;

2.) Outer diameter of filter element: φ60mm, φ65mm;

3.) Inner diameter of filter element: φ28mm, φ30mm;

4.) Polypropylene wire-wound filter element can be used for non-organic solutions such as water, acid and alkali, chemical solutions, and the use temperature is ≤60℃

5.) The center rod of the absorbent cotton fiber filter element is made of stainless steel for organic solvents, water, oil, alkaline solutions, beverages, medicines, etc., and the operating temperature is 120°C.

6.) The length of the filter element: 10″, 20″, 30″, 40″

7.) The maximum withstand pressure: ≤0.5MPa; the maximum pressure drops: 0.2MPa.

8.) The highest working temperature: polypropylene fiber thread: polypropylene frame ≤60℃; stainless steel frame ≤80℃. Absorbent cotton thread: stainless steel frame≤120℃.