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What are the necessary preparations before the installation of Hepa filters?

2022-07-28 Page view : 91 views

HEPA filter is the most common type of high efficiency filter in clean engineering today. It is used for end filtration of various clean plants and clean bench filtration. HEPA filters have replaced most of the traditional partitioned HEPA filters.

Product characteristics of SFFILTECH high efficiency over source:

1、The filter media is made of waterproof and flame retardant glass fiber filter paper or FP high efficiency filter paper; -Special hot melt adhesive is used as a separator to ensure the passage of airflow;

2、Seal the filter media and frame with special adhesive to prevent the side leakage and damage of the high efficiency filter without partition; Temperature resistance of 80℃, low resistance, high efficiency, and long service life;

3、light weight, small size, easy to install.

SFFILTECH high efficiency filter installation:

1、Before installing the high-efficiency air filter, first of all, a comprehensive cleaning of the clean room (clean room) is necessary to avoid contamination of the filter by the pollutants inside. The comprehensive here is the whole clean room, for example, if the filter is installed in the technical mezzanine or ceiling, then these places also need to be cleaned comprehensively.

2, clean room and purified air conditioning system after the completion of cleaning, purified air conditioning system must be test run, and requires continuous operation for more than 12 hours, after cleaning the clean room again, after the completion of cleaning immediately after the installation of 10 best HEPA filters.

3、In the process of installing high efficiency filter (HEPA) or ultra high efficiency filter (ULPA), it should be taken lightly to prevent damage to the filter due to violent vibration and collision.

4、Check the label of the high efficiency air filter to see if it is the same size and efficiency as the one you want to buy.

5、High-efficiency air filters must be unpacked from the internal plastic packaging in the clean room after cleaning is completed.

6、Before unpacking the plastic packaging of the HEPA filter, you must check the appearance of the filter carefully, especially check carefully whether the filter element is broken or deformed.

7、Whether the filter and the frame are sealed with high efficiency air filter gasket or with liquid tank, make sure to wipe the liquid tank frame or filter gasket and frame clean.

8、If the HEPA filter is sealed by liquid tank, the liquid level in the liquid tank must meet the design requirements, and there is no sealant leakage at the joints of the frame.

9、in the installation of liquid tank high efficiency air filter, can not repeatedly disassemble the filter.