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What are the general characteristics of V-type W-type high efficiency air filter?

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V-type high-efficiency air filter, also known as W-type high-efficiency filter, box-type high-efficiency filter, W-type V-type combined high-efficiency filter, V-type W-type high-efficiency air filter is designed without partitions, forming “V” or “” W”-shaped structure, made of low-resistance ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper, compact and reasonable structure, large effective filtering area, can operate at high wind speed, suitable for the end of air supply air conditioning equipment, the negative pressure end of exhaust purification system and ventilation ducts. Shanghai SFFILTECH W type air filter v bank hepa filter manufacturer can customize various types of products, sub-high-efficiency air filter, V-type air filter, W-type sub-high-efficiency filter, sub-high-efficiency filter material, plastic frame sub-high-efficiency filter.


W-Type High Efficiency Filter Material Description

1.) Filter material: H13-H14 glass fiber filter paper.

2.) Filtration efficiency: H13-H14, H13: 99.97-99.99%@0.3μm, H14: 99.995-99.999%@0.3μm (MPPS).

3.) Frame material: aluminum plate folding frame, galvanized frame, stainless steel frame, plastic frame.

4.) Sealing strip: neoprene.

5.) General number of partitions: generally, two partitions on four sides, three partitions on six sides, four partitions on eight sides, and five partitions on ten sides;

6.) Filter size: general width (w): 287 mm, 490 mm, 595 mm, 610 mm; general height (H): 305 mm, 595 mm, 610 mm; general depth (D): 295 mm;

7.) Final resistance: (recommended)≤600Pa

8.) Maximum air volume: 125% of rated air volume

9.) Temperature resistance: ≤80℃

10.) Humidity: ≤100%RH


W Type High Efficiency Filter Features:

A) Large air volume

B) small resistance

C) with mounting flange frame or box

D) Each unit has been scanned for leak detection

E) Extended filter area