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What are the characteristics of the best clean zone HEPA filter?

2023-06-30 Page view : 31 views

The advantages of high efficiency air filter in clean area are many, such as high filtration efficiency, the cleanliness of the air after filtration is also relatively good, and the quality of itself is very good, the service life is also very long, can be applied in a variety of filtration occasions, as one of the processes of high efficiency filter, what are the different characteristics of the use of different environments? One by one for your detailed explanation:

Clean zone HEPA filter

Clean area HEPA air filter features:

1, the high efficiency filter has the filtration accuracy of the separator itself is still relatively high, and it can complete the air filtration work of more than 0.3um of suspended air particles, so it is generally applied to the end of various filtration systems to complete the corresponding high efficiency filtration work;(Panel G3 Air Filter Pre Replacement Filter)

(2) Some filter materials will use ultrafine glass fiber filter paper, and at the same time, paper separator or aluminum separator to separate, so that the distance between the filter paper is equal, so that the filtering gas can be successfully passed, and then the utilization rate of the filter material is higher, and the filtration strength can also be improved;

3, the clean area high efficiency air filter is sealed around the use of special sealant, which makes the sealing of the partition high efficiency filter is very good, the working process will not leak, will not affect the normal filtration work;(Shanghai SFFILTECH High Efficiency Air Filter Factory)

4, the partition high efficiency filter has a large air volume and a large dust capacity, and this feature can allow the partition high efficiency filter to carry out high-intensity filtration work for a long time.

Clean zone HEPA filter

Air filters are recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people’s health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filters.(Shanghai SFFILTECH High Efficiency Air Filter Factory)