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What are the characteristics and uses of activated carbon filter?

2023-02-11 Page view : 57 views

Activated carbon filter is a kind of filter equipment often used in air filter purifier and air conditioning, its filtering effect is very good. This paper introduces the introduction, characteristics and application of activated carbon filter.

First, the introduction of activated carbon filter

The structure of activated carbon filter is honeycomb shape, usually with aluminum honeycomb, plastic honeycomb or paper honeycomb as the carrier, compared with the traditional activated carbon filter, this honeycomb structure has better gas dynamic performance, large surface area, small volume density, high adsorption efficiency. (Shanghai Air Filter manufacturer)

The honeycomb activated carbon filter is made of powdered activated carbon loaded on the foam, so the adsorption performance of the filter is very good, can effectively purify the dust and toxic substances in the air

Activated carbon filter used in the air purifier can be used for air purification, can effectively absorb and filter formaldehyde, toluene and other pollutants in the air, but also deodorization, odor removal, so it has a very good effect of purifying the air and purifying the environment.

Two, the characteristics of activated carbon filter net

1, usually activated carbon filter net activated carbon made of coconut shell, high activity;

2, activated carbon filter adsorption area is large, adsorption capacity is strong;

3, generally speaking, activated carbon filter screen has a frame to finalize, usually choose the frame but waterproof cardboard, galvanized iron frame or aluminum frame and stainless steel; (Shanghai activated carbon Air filter manufacturer)

4, according to the environment and filtration requirements, we can use different forms of activated carbon, such as: activated carbon particles, activated carbon non-woven fabric, activated carbon foam and so on. (Shanghai Air Filter manufacturer)

Three, the use of activated carbon filter net

Activated carbon filter can not only be used in the evolution of air, but also can be applied to chemistry, electronics, pharmaceutical, food, hospital and other industries, widely used.

Four, the different use of activated carbon filter (Shanghai air filter manufacturer)

Activated carbon filter has purifier activated carbon filter and bag type activated carbon filter.

Purifier activated carbon filter is usually used in a variety of civil air purifier, automobile filter element, air conditioning, deodorization efficiency can reach more than 95%, but also can absorb harmful substances in the air, in addition, can also develop a special formula of activated carbon, improve the type and effect of purification.

Bag type activated carbon filter is made of activated carbon fiber and non-woven composite, effectively remove all kinds of odor in the air, and strong adsorption capacity, stable and reliable performance.