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What are the application areas of high efficiency air filters?

2022-07-23 Page view : 92 views

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the development speed of industrial industry has been greatly enhanced, and nowadays many enterprises have higher requirements for air cleanliness in production environment, and most of them install air purification system to filter outdoor air. Ultra high efficiency filter is a kind of air purification equipment with strong filtration capacity, which can effectively filter dust particles and suspended substances with particle size above 0.3 microns in the air. The following SFFILTECH will introduce what are the application fields of high efficiency filters.

1、Food industry

Food safety is more important than a mountain, in order to prevent food safety problems, the food industry has high requirements for air cleanliness. According to industry insiders, before the use of best 5 ultra-high efficiency filters, many food companies use disinfection to keep food fresh, which may cause some harmful substances to enter the food, thus bringing food safety hazards, and the use of high-efficiency filters can effectively avoid such problems, so that the way to keep food fresh becomes safer.

2、Large conference room

Large conference rooms or offices seem to be very clean, but in fact there are many bacteria or suspended matter mixed in the air, if these contaminated air can not be discharged to the outdoors in time, it may have an impact on people’s health, and sometimes cause some respiratory diseases. After the use of high-efficiency filter, the dust in the air can be as well as suspended substances, will be intercepted and filtered by the filter in the high-efficiency filter, is clean air into the room, so that indoor air quality improved significantly.


High efficiency air filter in the biopharmaceutical industry is very common, the biopharmaceutical industry in the product development, production process, need to be in a clean environment. Many pharmaceutical companies in the use of high-efficiency filters, and other types of filtration equipment with the use of multi-stage filtration, which can not only improve the filtration efficiency, but also play a protective role for the back-end filtration equipment, thus helping enterprises to save equipment maintenance costs.

There are many companies producing high-efficiency filters in the market, but the production level varies, so consumers should carefully identify them in the selection process and not to be cheated for the sake of cheap. The above is the introduction of SFFILTECH on what are the application areas of ultra-high efficiency filters, hope it can help you.