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What are the advantages of synthetic fiber bag filters?

2022-05-11 Page view : 102 views

Name: Bag Filter, Synthetic Fiber Filter, Synthetic Fiber Bag Filter

Type: Bag Filter

1.) The filter material is processed by high-performance hot-melt method composed of anti-fracture organic synthetic fibers, with progressively reinforced structure, good filtration performance and large dust holding capacity.

2.) It can be cleaned repeatedly and the economy is extremely high.

3.) The filter bag adopts seam technology or seamless welding technology to ensure the reliability of operation.

4.) Each group of bags has a positioning air duct to ensure the best filtering effect.

5.) Silicone-free design filter, especially suitable for painting workshop.

6.) EN779 level: G4, F5, F6, F7, F8.

7.) Comply with fire classification standard European D1N53438-F1 and American UL900-CLASS2.

8.) Strong humidity resistance, can reach 100% humidity resistance; temperature resistance 100 ℃.


Application of Synthetic Fiber Bag Filter:

Air conditioning and ventilation system filtration; coarse dust filtration (G4) filtration system pre-filtration, medium-efficiency filter front filtration;

Fine dust filtration (F5, F6) pre-filtration of high efficiency filters; suitable for air conditioning applications, such as air conditioning systems in commercial buildings, warehouses, schools, laboratories, etc.; (synthetic fiber bag filters manufacturer) Especially suitable for painting Front filtration in the industry’s paint shop.



Multi-layer composite melt-blown materials for PM2.5

Material is 40% deeper than normal product

“V” shaped filter bag, filter material is utilized 100% totally

All edges have seal processed

The integration design of the frame increases the overall structural strength and minimize the pressure drop.

The metal edge of the inside frame rolled to be smoothly shape, make the maintenance operation more safely.

The initial efficiency would be above 90% for PM2.5