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There is a wide variety of filter equipment, why are pleated filters so popular?

2022-07-23 Page view : 95 views

At a time when everyone attaches importance to environmental protection, various filters such as dense pleated filters, fan unit filters, liquid tank high efficiency filters, etc., have received widespread attention. SFFILTECH reminds you that a quality filter not only purifies air and promotes air circulation, but also reduces and lowers production costs and safeguards the physical and mental health of the people involved.

As we said above, there are many types of filters. Different types have different effects and applications. As one of the more popular types of air filters, the filtering principle of best 5 dense pleated air filter is adsorption filtration, in fact, the working principle of dense pleated filter is very simple.

In recent years, with the advantages of compact structure, space-saving, large effective filtration area, low resistance, long service life and good stability, pleated filters are widely used in central air conditioning and centralized ventilation system air pre-filtration, gas turbine and centrifugal air compressor inlet filtration and clean return air system.

Don’t look at the compact appearance of the dense pleated air filter, but it can meet the needs of different industries, mainly due to the filtering surface of the dense pleated filter, although it seems to be a small device, but its filtering area is much larger than ordinary filters, and because of the small space, random dense pleated filter in the work of resistance is also very low. So that not only can make it play its role, but also greatly extend the service life.

And if you pay attention to the dense pleated air filter will find that the dense pleated filter in saving space at the same time, there is a very prominent feature, that is – the noise is small, no exaggeration, some better dense pleated filter, the noise is minimal, or even inaudible, which is still very important for many users This is still very important for many users.

It is said that the only way to know the origin is to trace the source, so you know why the pleated air filter is so good? SFFILTECH believes that,The common filtration materials of dense pleated filter are ultra-fine polypropylene fiber material, glass fiber filter paper and other 2 kinds. Among them, ultra-fine polypropylene fiber material can be incinerated, which is beneficial to environmental protection and waste disposal. This material is not easy to break, and the price of the filter is relatively low. And the filter made of glass fiber filter paper has stable performance and high dust holding capacity.